Basic Beat

Exclusively offered at West Music, Basic Beat produces the highest quality classroom and kid's instruments. Their percussion instruments are known for their simplicity, quality and affordability - making them ideal for teaching basic music theory. Have the children keep the beat with the Rhythm Sticks, which are the perfect size for the hands of your little ones. While they are fun for any age, children will particularly love making music with Basic Beat's musical Egg Shakers. So when it comes to equipping your young classroom or music section with percussion instruments for kids, look no further than Basic Beat!

Basic Beat Bongos

West Music's Jenny Winegarden and Alex Adams give a run down on bongos from Basic Beat, LP and Remo.

Basic Beat Frame Drums

Jenny Winegarden and Alex Adams explain the fundamentals of frame drums, and introduce us to models from Basic Beat and Remo.

Basic Beat Tube Drum Bags

West Music's Melissa Blum walks us through the features of Tube Drum Bags from Basic Beat.

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