As one of the premier makers of plush puppets worldwide, Folkmanis has been providing kids across the world with these stuffed animal puppets for over three decades. Built with beautiful craftsmanship and realistic features, Folkmanis hand puppets are a gift every child would enjoy in their home or classroom. Rather than sitting in front of a TV or computer, kids will actively engage with others, explore their imagination and learn about the friendly creatures that inhabit our world. Moreover, it will naturally draw shy children from their shell; strengthen fine motor skills as little ones vocalize and move their hands; and enable youngsters to navigate tricky feelings that might otherwise be difficult to acknowledge. So whether you're bringing a pocket-sized Mini Pet Mouse Puppet on a field trip or adding the full sized Rooster Puppet to the toy chest, Folkmanis Puppets at West Music are sure to bring smiles, laughter and education to your classroom or home.

Folkmanis Rooster Puppet

The Folkmanis 17" rooster puppet makes kids crow with delight! He can strut and peck with the best of them as you move his head and beak.

Folkmanis Donkey Puppet

This 16" donkey puppet has amazing life-like detail! His soft fur and toothy grin make him a favorite with both children and adults.

Folkmanis Duckling Puppet

Manipulate the beak and wings of this 9" duckling puppet to bring it to life. It can be handwashed and air dried, and adheres to all safety standards for children ages 3 and older.

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