In 1883, a young German immigrant named Friedrich Gretsch came to New York where he supported his family through topnotch craftsmanship of guitars and banjos. In his son’s hands, the company would flourish into a leading manufacturer that has since joined forces with established names like Fender to provide innovative acoustic and electric instruments. Admirers of Gretsch guitars, resonators, mandolins and drums bridge oceans and continents, thanks in part to its loyal fan base of rock legends like Brian Setzer, Tom Petty, Bono and Lou Reed. West Music proudly presents educators, enthusiasts and learners with quality Gretsch guitars, including the popular models like the "Honey Dipper." Review our selection of resonators to treat your audience to the captivating, unique timbre, courtesy of the Gretsch name.

The History and Magic of Gretsch Guitars

"The History and Magic of Gretsch Guitars" takes you on a great guided tour of the dazzling style, fantastic tone and colorful history of "That Great Gretsch Sound!"

Gretsch Guitars Custom Shop

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Gretsch Custom Shop, here's a fascinatingly detailed close-up look at its inner workings with master luthier Stephen Stern.

Gretsch G9101 NYC Camp Ukulele

Jon Rauhouse tests out the rugged and affordable Gretsch® G9101 "NYC" Camp Ukulele, a faithful recreation of the circa 1925-1935 Gretsch "Camp" uke.

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