Once upon a time, Ohio-resident Bob Mollard was tired of leading his orchestra with bulky, uncomfortable batons, leading him to craft a superior version with a cork and dowel rod. Soon enough, peers were clamoring to have him fashion batons for them, leading him to found Mollard Conducting Batons. Over two decades later, Mollard is still a family-run business with Bob’s wife, kids and close friends overseeing operations. Mollard Batons are famous for their stability, lightweight ease and resilience against cracking and splinters. Expertly designed for both practicality and attractiveness, the rosewood, walnut and oak conducting batons feel like a dream. Explore West Music’s selection of Mollard Conducting Batons today!

Mollard Conduction Batons at NAMM 2014Mollard Batons wins NAMBACKER NATION Best of NAMM Show - Orchestra at Winter NAMM 2014

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