Studio 49

Studio 49Studio 49 is a timeless German brand that specializes in Orff xylophones, glockenspiels, metallophones and other percussive instruments. The classic Studio 49 xylophones are tuned perfectly right out of the box, and stay that way through their entire term of use – whether that’s in the classroom or onstage. These instruments are characteristically compact for simple storage, anytime playability and painless transport. No matter how you strike these xylophones, the wide fixed bars will always create a harmonic sound. Further, easily attach a set of glockenspiel mallets and these versatile instruments are absolutely ideal for elementary education or music therapy classes. As a supporter of the Orff Approach, West Music is proud to offer Studio 49 instruments for your home or classroom today!

Studio 49 Orff instruments 1000 series xylophones and metallophones

West Music's Judy Pine walks us through a detailed demonstration of these Studio 49 orff instruments 1000 series Xylophones and Metallophones.

Studio 49 1600 and 2000 series bass xylophones

West Music Vice President and Music Education Consultant Judy Pine walks us through the differences between Studio 49's 1600 and 2000 Series Bass Xylophones.

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