Takamine Guitars has cemented its name as one of the most legendary in the industry after over 50 years of guitar making. With humble beginnings, the brand began as a small family operation at the base of the Takamine Mountain in Japan. However, it didn't take long for word to spread of the brand's superb construction and serene sound. Throughout the 1970's, the brand expanded its operations and became one of the first guitar makers to offer acoustic-electric models, including the Takamine 12 string acoustic-electric. Now one of the leading guitar makers in the world, this celebrated name still dedicates itself to producing the top-rate instruments that set the brand apart over a half-century ago. Explore West Music's collection of Takamine 12 string, acoustic-electric and all Takamine guitar models for your next performance.

Takamine Pro Series P4DC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Takamine artist Jake Allen demonstrates the Pro Series P4DC Dreadnought Cutaway.

Takamine Pro Series P3MC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Takamine Pro Series P3MC Acoustic - Electric Guitar.

Takamine Pro Series P3FCN Acoustic - Electric Nylon String Guitar

Takamine Pro Series P3FCN Acoustic - Electric Nylon String Guitar

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