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Coralville May 2013 Teacher Feature: Jonnie Cohen
By West Music Conservatory
5/13/2013 1:24:00 PM

Coralville Teacher Feature, May 2013 - Jonnie Cohen

Jonnie Cohen - acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, and music theory

Jonnie is graduating this spring from the University of Iowa! He has 12 years of private guitar and bass lessons. Jonnie started playing piano and singing at a young age, and also played trumpet for 8 years. Besides guitar, Jonnie also plays electric bass and has a lot of live playing experiences of all different kinds (pit band, school ensembles including jazz and classical, funk bands african soukous, raegae, RNB, Big Bands, Brazillian Choro, Folk etc.).

Jonnie works at the Rock Climbing Wall, The Outdoor Rental Center, and does landscaping. Currently, Jonnie is in a Guitar Ensemble and a Latin Jazz Ensemble both through the University of Iowa. He is involved in many musical adventures in and outside of Iowa City. His main Project is the Subterranean All Stars.

He mostly enjoys music, but his other hobbies include writing, art, and rock climbing. Jonnie is also an Eagle Scout. He volunteers at Big Brother Big Sister, and United Action for Youth teaching music.

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