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Extraordinary Associate of the Month October 2013 Kitty Donahue
By West Music Company
11/7/2013 8:37:00 AM
Kitty Donahue It is with great pleasure that we recognize Kitty Donahue as West Music’s October 2013 Associate of the Month!

Since taking over as the full time Voice of West Music in February, Kitty has eagerly taken on all tasks, assignments, requests, and projects that come her way – all with a smile in her voice, on her face, and in her heart. Kitty’s favorite word seems to be “yes”. Her willingness to juggle, multi-task, manage, help, assist, accommodate and generally do more with less is a gift – recognized and appreciated by internal and external customers alike.

Kitty recently dazzled us all by passing her new assignment as traffic controller for band and orchestra display season with flying colors. With zen-like calm and good humor, Kitty seamlessly handled the frenetic pace and complexity of getting people, inventory and vehicles on point and on time. She actually appeared to enjoy the challenge, her let’s-make-this-happen-and-have-fun-with-it attitude rubbing off on us all.

Most importantly, Kitty places the needs of her customer at the center of her attention at all times. Whether it’s a customer on the phone looking for a zither, the saucer-eyed 5th grader holding a trumpet for the first time in a gymnasium in the middle of nowhere, or someone in accounting needing a stack of papers stuffed - Kitty makes sure each and every person receives extraordinary service, every time.

Thanks, Kitty, for everything you do!

-As told by Russ Curry, Vice President and Director Human Resources

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