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First Time Violin Players
By Katie Senn
7/26/2017 11:32:00 AM

First Time Violin Players

Congratulations on choosing the violin! It is an excellent first instrument for young musicians because it's available in fractional sizes, allowing children to size up as they grow. As a music student, or a parent of a music student, you will want to know these basics soon after purchasing or renting your violin from West Music.

Parts of the Violin

Below is a diagram of your violin. Click on the image to enlarge it.
violin diagram

Taking Your Violin Out of Its Case... CAREFULLY!

The violin is a fragile instrument and should be handled with care. Follow these instructions or the instructions given to you by your music director to prevent damaging the instrument when taking it out of its case.

1. Place your instrument case on a flat, steady surface.
2. Make sure the case is facing upwards before opening.
3. Carefully remove the violin from its case using both hands.
4. Attach the shoulder rest if you use one. Many shoulder rests have feet that gently fit onto the back of your violin. Put one pair of feet on at a time, being very careful when doing so.

Before packing up your instrument, make sure to clean it and its bow with a soft cloth. Cleaning the instrument, bow, and strings will help maintain the protective varnish on the wood and help the strings last longer. Then, carefully place the violin back into its case, again using both hands. Make sure every buckle or snap is fastened and every zipper fully closed before picking up the case again.

Holding Your Violin

Another key skill to learn early on is how to properly hold your violin. You can do so by following the 3 basic steps outlined below. However, you should have your child ask their music teacher for more specific directions including proper posture.

1. Start by holding your violin over your head. The instrument will be parallel to the floor with the scroll facing towards your left.
2. Lower the violin onto your left shoulder.
3. Place the chin rest under the left side your jaw, keeping the violin level with the floor.

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Have questions? Need advice? West Music is here for you! Give our school orchestra experts a call at 800-373-2000.

Adapted with permission from Alfred Music's Sound Innovations for String Orchestra 1: Violin.

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