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Music Education Makes for Smarter Students
By Jeff Taylor
10/26/2010 11:06:00 AM

March is designated as “Music in Our Schools Month” and in light of potential cuts and/or changes in school music programs across our state, I feel compelled to share some important information.

Did you know there are studies that prove participation in music can improve learning? Researcher Fran Rauscher found that musically trained students scored 80 percent higher on tests of spatial and temporal reasoning. This is the skill needed to succeed in math and science. Also, the study of music can support reading accuracy by serving as a structural prompt that facilitates recall and retention.

When considering the need for our schools to improve math and reading skills, it seems to me that innovative school administrators should be requiring music classes to supplement their students’ curriculum.

And that’s not all: Testing has shown that students who have participated in school music programs scored 52 points higher on their verbal SATs and 37 points higher in math than students without arts instruction. In addition, it has been reported that students who participate in band, choir and orchestra show the lowest use of current and lifetime tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse. Need I go on?

Read More at the Gazette Online

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