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My Solo/Ensemble Piece Won’t Be Here On Time! What Can I Do?
By Melissa Raap
1/18/2011 2:49:00 PM

Solo/Ensemble season is upon us once again!  This is a busy time for West Music, our vendors, and for you the customer as well as you prepare for contest.  This solo/ensemble season, your pieces might be scheduled to come in too late for contest.  We here at West Music don’t like this scenario any more than you do.   So, if this is the situation you run into this solo/ensemble season, here’s what we can do:

  1. West Music can figure out if your piece is backordered or permanently out-of-print
  2. If it’s backordered, ask your sales representative to get a Permission to Copy letter from the store Print Coordinator or from the Store Manager. This is the legal way to go about making a copy of a piece, so you can still play it at contest.
  3. If it’s permanently out-of-print, you will need to contact the vendor’s copyright department.  Due to copyright laws, we CAN NOT give permission to copy for these pieces.  Alfred and Hal Leonard both have links on their websites to fill out a form for permission to copy.  If your pieces are through different publishers, you will need to contact those publishers directly in order to get the form.  It usually takes 5 days to get a response, so please be aware of this when contacting any publisher.

So, if you are one of the few unlucky ones this season whose piece is backordered or out-of-print, now you will be able to say, “Hey, I read that blog!” breathe a sigh of relief, and know exactly what to do.

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