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Coralville November Musician of the Month: Grace Huber
By West Music Conservatory
11/7/2013 11:59:00 AM

Grace HuberGrace Huber is multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, clarinet, and sings soprano. She has studied with Chris Eck for five years. Grace is a sophomore at IC West High School. Grace is an active musician. She performs with marching band, Symphonic Band, West High Chorale, Virtuosa Choir, and Good Time Company at West High. She has also performed many shows with City Circle, Young Footliters, and Iowa City Community Theater. She participated in the musical theatre program at Dorian Camp at Luther College this past summer. And she has taken several World Music Drumming Summer workshops. This year she made it to take Level 3—very exciting! Her musical achievements also include making the Iowa All-State Chorus. She’ll be auditioning again! Grace hopes to win a scholarship to study music in college. Her mom and step-dad are both musicians and music teachers. 

Way to go, Grace!

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