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After 75 extraordinary years, West Music continues to fulfill its mission of creating musical communities by providing the knowledge, products, and services people need to experience the power of making music! We’d love to hear from our friends and customers about their West Music memory or experience! Send us your memories, thoughts, or photos of your favorite West Music experience—whether it’s 75 years old, 75 minutes old or anywhere in between! Submit your experience and/or photos to WestMusicExperience@westmusic.com – we’ll pick one favorite experience each month and send the winner a $50 West Music gift card, just for sharing a memory!

Debbie Roe

When HOA-AOSA was in its early years in the late 70's/early 80's, Judy Pine braved all kinds of weather to bring instruments and materials to UMKC for our chapter workshops. She pulled in early, unloaded everything, spent the day there and then loaded everything back up--ALL with a cheerful smile and boundless energy! West Music and Judy Pine played a very important part in supporting our chapter. Those Orff workshops were wonderful staff development for the teachers in Missouri/Kansas. It was SO IMPORTANT to have equipment available to use. Many of the teachers who attended those early workshops did not have instruments in their classrooms. West Music provided quality instruments for sale that are STILL in those classrooms today! This 'now-retired' teacher will always cherish Judy and West Music! I was recently reminded of those early days when I walked into an HOA-AOSA Orff meeting and saw a wonderful display of materials that West Music had sent to us so that we could SEE ahead of time what we were purchasing! I appreciate the time and effort that it took to get those materials together and shipped. Thank you so much!!!

Kathleen Coleman

It was September of 1981; and I was a brand new music therapist; contracting my services to a couple of school districts. One day, at lunch, while at Birdville Elementary School, I discovered a West Music catalog. It was the first timeI had heard of West Music, and I was immediately delighted with the quality and variety of materials available through West Music. Fast forward to 2016, and I have been working as a music therapist for 35 years. Nearly all the musical instruments and a number of CD's and books in my office have been purchased from West Music....and West Music is always who I recommend to agencies, school districts, etc when they are looking to purchase musical materials for their special education program. I can't imagine being a music therapist without materials from West Music!

Ashley Wilson

I have so many West Music memories, but one sticks out. My mom and I were shopping for my first marimba. I remember meeting with Shawn Lafrenz at a display marimba in the middle of the store, and he taught me how to play my scales in the circle of fourths. I'll never forget the first time I played through all my scales with Shawn's help. Not only did we buy a marimba that day, but developed a friendship that has lasted to this day

Ruth Hartunian-Alumbaugh

I hope this is a good story for you guys. I just purchased the Basic Beat Tunable Bongos from you as a first time customer. I am a music therapist and was blessed to receive a small grant to expand my work so I decided I would try West Music and order from you. As a professional, I really appreciate talking to real people. So I got all my questions answered prior to making the order and, even though my drums arrived damaged, there was no argument regarding return and replacement. I love this. But more importantly, I LOVE the outcome of the first time my adult "student" had when she tried the drums for the first time. Since she favors one side of her body, even when playing the piano or other instruments, I seek to offer her opportunities to use both hands and more of her whole brain when she plays with me and to also ensure that her skills do not decline for as long as possible. So the bongos were a logical choice for her. She is also visually impaired and has a number of other compromises. BUT, she loves music. The look on her face was pure joy, with a tear or two along the way. She played with her whole heart as she waved her hands with that extra special flair us musicians know is "in the groove" when it happens. She would put a little flourish on the end of the song and her mood shifted from being foul (yes, foul) before she arrived, to contented. Just from playing those bongo drums. I like these drums because they can stand alone with the sturdy stand that I also purchased to go with the drums. They are easy to move around, adjust, and have a one year warranty. Good value for the money! So, thank you to West Music! Thank you for a quality product and for making it meaningful "out of the box." I'm a fan.

Robin Wall

I am so grateful to West Music! When I began teaching Elementary Music at Barnes Elementary in Owasso, OK, the instruments in my closet were quite limited in providing a user-friendly ratio of students to instruments. Four years and several grants later, West Music has provided wonderful drums, xylophones, metallophones, and much more for my classroom. My students love to play on the instruments! Attached is a picture showing one of my excited moments of opening a beautiful new bass xylophone with some of my students. Thank you, West Music!

Tessa Swigger

Hello! As a long time customer of West Music products, I was excited to search for the perfect percussion instruments for my music group for our Autism Society summer camp we hold. I graduated Seton Hill University in 2015 with a music degree (focus in music therapy), and am pursuing a masters in special education. I have facilitated many groups during my professional career, and was excited to order percussion instruments for my friends and clients. My friends at our autism camp LOVED the experiences, and were so excited to explore the different instruments! Music is such a multisensory experience, and I love being able to help my friends experience art in such a fun way. Here is a picture from us over the summer at camp, as I led a drum circle session that was a huge success! Thank you, West Music, for providing quality products for my friends to use.


When I took World Music Drumming Level One in Iowa City during the summer of 2015, West Music invited the students to their warehouse for a tour and dinner. It was so much fun to see the inner workings of the company and to browse around the awesome selection of materials. Judy Pine had set up a clearance table for us too, and I got some great bargains!

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