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Led by Licensed Kindermusik Educators Amy Linville and Kaleena Marshall, West Music's Kindermusik classes are held in our Marion store, located at 1398 Twixt Town Road. With classes available for children 18 months to 6 years old, we have opportunities for every child and caregiver to take advantage of the Kindermusik curriculum.

Space is reserved on a first come - first served basis, so register now!

Questions? Call (319) 364-3856 or email littlemaestros@mchsi.com


What is Kindermusik?

Kindermusik is an early childhood music and movement program, founded over 30 years ago. The Kindermusik International Creative Team has created the Kindermusik curriculum to be taught only by Licensed Kindermusik Educators. The purpose of Kindermusik is to enhance total child development through exploratory musical activities. While activities vary by age range, they include singing, listening, vocal and rhythmic play, dancing, chanting, bouncing, exploring simple percussion instruments, and experiencing a wide variety of musical examples, including folk songs, classical music, multicultural songs, jazz, and music original to Kindermusik. Additionally, Kindermusik classes always include a set of high quality materials including CD's, books, instruments, home activity guides and more to help you continue your musical experience at home.

Kindermusik at West MusicKindermusik Foundations of Learning help you understand the ways that Kindermusik musical activities impact all areas of child development. Activities focus on six major areas:

  • Language development
  • Cognitive development
  • Emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Social development
  • Musical development
Summer 2015 Classes

Kindermusik Village

Kindermusik Village

Unit: Busy Days

  • For babies ages 0-18 months
  • 5 weekly 45-minute classes with a caregiver

In Kindermusik Village baby music classes, we start with that special connection between you and your child, add in our unique blend of musical learning activities, and top it all off with the joy of shared experiences with the other adults and children in your class. All along the way, your Kindermusik teacher will share tips and ideas that will give your child the best kind of musical head start and will help make your everyday routines a little bit easier and a whole lot more musical. Whether it's dancing with your child around a maypole, cuddling together for Quiet Time, or exploring a gathering drum with the friends you've made in class, Kindermusik Village will be an experience like no other.

Summer Village Class Schedule
Classes beginning week of June 1
Session A Mondays 5:00pm Amy Register for this class
Session B Tuesdays 11:00am Amy Register for this class
Classes beginning week of July 6
Session C Thursdays 11:00am Kaleena Register for this class
Fees for Summer Village Classes
5 weeks $85.00

Kindermusik Our Time

Kindermusik Our Time

Unit: Zoo Train!

  • For toddlers ages 1½ – 3 years
  • 5 weekly 45-minute classes

Each week, you can nurture your toddler's energy and creativity in a Kindermusik class designed for your child on the move! We understand that toddlers want to do it all, but really thrive most with your guidance and helping hand. So, we allow plenty of room for busy toddlers to explore and discover, to initiate their own ideas, and to respond in their own ways, while your active participation provides the security your child needs. As you play instruments, sing, and dance, you'll uncover an engaging musical world while building your toddler's confidence, self-control, and early language skills.

Summer Our Time Class Schedule
Classes beginning week of June 1
Session D Tuesdays 10:00am Amy Register for this class
Classes beginning week of July 6
Session E Thursdays 10:00am Kaleena Register for this class
Session F Wednesdays 5:30pm Kaleena Register for this class
Fees for Summer Our Time Classes
5 weeks $85.00

Kindermusik Imagine That!

Kindermusik Imagine That!

Unit: On the Road

  • For children ages 3 – 6 years
  • 5 weekly 60-minute classes.

Kindermusik offers your preschooler the best of everything. We've got social, emotional, early language, and motor skill development covered, plus your child gets the added benefit of music permeating everything we do to get those neurons firing! Have you noticed your child's explosion in vocabulary, storytelling, and imagination? We know that preschoolers thrive on pretend play so Kindermusik classes include songs, stories, and instrument ensembles to nurture your child's budding creativity. Bonus: it's fun! With cognitive, emotional, and social benefits, a Kindermusik class is the perfect place for your preschooler.

Summer Imagine That! Class Schedule
Classes beginning week of June 1
Session G Tuesdays 12:00pm Amy Register for this class
Classes beginning week of July 6
Session H Wednesdays 6:30pm Kaleena Register for this class
Fees for Summer Imagine That! classes
5 weeks $110.00

Kindermusik Family Time

Kindermusik Family Time

Unit: Zoo Train (family)

  • For children ages 0 – 7 years
  • 5 weekly 45-minute classes.

Kindermusik understands that family time is precious and family activities can be hard to find, especially for families with more than one child. That's where a Kindermusik family class comes in. With your licensed Kindermusik educator there to guide you and everyone in the class able to learn from each other, your weekly family class transforms into a unique haven of memorable "together time" that also inspires more music, play, and bonding at home throughout the week.

Summer Family Time Class Schedule
Classes beginning week of June 1
Session I Mondays 6:00pm Amy Register for this class
Session J Tuesdays 9:0am Amy Register for this class
Fees for Summer Imagine That! classes
5 weeks $85.00

Kindermusik with Little Maestros Educators

Amy Linville - Welcome to Kindermusik with Little Maestros at West Music Marion! I have experienced first hand the joy music can bring to children through my 14 years as a Kindermusik educator, my 20+ years experience teaching piano and time spent conducting music therapy sessions with regular education and special needs preschoolers. I experience that same joy regularly with my own 3 children. I have a BA in Music & Piano Pedagogy from Mount Mercy College and a Music Therapy degree from The University of Iowa. As a Kindermusik Educator, I strongly agree with Kindermusik International that, "every child is musical, every parent is the child's most important teacher, and the home is the most important place for learning to take root and grow." In the Little Maestros classroom, parents will share in their children's development through participation and the joy of music.

Kaleena Marshall's love for music started when she was just a girl dancing around her living room. She has a BA in dance from the University of Iowa and taught ballet and Irish Step Dance at a studio in Mount Vernon for several years. She was formally trained in flute and taught flute for several years. As a mother of two young sons, Kaleena knows the importance of music and healthy parent interaction in a child's life. Kindermusik brings the best of both worlds together in a safe environment. She is delighted to teach Kindermusik and continue going to classes with her sons.


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