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Educational Representatives School Visit Schedule

SchoolCityDirectorProgramEducational RepresentativeDay
Central MSMuscatineKatie Burnes Rod PiersonMonday
Central MSMuscatineNate Rickard Rod PiersonMonday
Central MSMuscatineTristan Tolle Rod PiersonMonday
Central MSMuscatineBob Ramza Rod PiersonMonday
Central MSMuscatineRich Hines Rod PiersonMonday
Colorado ElemMuscatineRichard Sessler Rod PiersonMonday
Franklin ElemMuscatineNicki Sand Rod PiersonMonday
East CampusMuscatine  Rod PiersonMonday
West MSMuscatineWalter Hicks Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - West MSMuscatineJessica Blanchard Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - West MSMuscatineJudy Wilson Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Jefferson ElemMuscatineBeverly Gray Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Jefferson ElemMuscatineKoine Schlawin Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Madison ElemMuscatineAlyce Spoto Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Madison ElemMuscatineRichard Sessler Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - McKinley ElemMuscatineKaren Meyer Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - McKinley ElemMuscatineBeverly Gray Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Mulberry ElemMuscatineKaren Meyer Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Mulberry ElemMuscatineAlyce Spoto Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Mulberry ElemMuscatineBeverly Gray Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Grant ElemntaryMuscatineAlyce Spoto Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Washington ElemMuscatineKendra Milder Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine - Washington ElemMuscatineFaye Lindsay Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine HSMuscatineJonathan Ryan Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine HSMuscatineJonathan Thoma Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine HSMuscatineKelli Preslan Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine HSMuscatineJeff Heid Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine HSMuscatineKelly Workman Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine Band BoostersMuscatineBoosters Rod PiersonMonday
Muscatine Orchestra BoostersMuscatineBoosters Rod PiersonMonday
Larry BobeMuscatineLarry Bobe Rod PiersonMonday
ICCS Borlaug ElemIowa CityKevin BrownElem BandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Borlaug ElemIowa CityAnne Marie Kraus Rod PiersonMonday
ICCS Garner ElemIowa CityLauren TrolleyElem OrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Lucas ElemIowa CityKatherine SmithElem BandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Hills ElemIowa CityLouise KloppElem OrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Hills ElemHillsCarter BiggersElem BandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Hoover ElemIowa CitySara PaisarGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Horn ElemIowa CityDon GentzschElem OrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Lincoln ElemIowa CityNancy WeberGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Mark Twain ElemIowa CityLouise KloppElem OrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Mark Twain ElemIowa CityRebecca Fields-MoffittGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Mark Twain ElemIowa CityChristy Curry-HoylandGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Penn ElemIowa CitySarah PringleGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Penn ElemIowa CityAmber OlineElem BandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Shimek ElemIowa CityDebra LeutzingerGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Van Allen ElemIowa CitySarah BobenhouseGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Van Allen ElemIowa CitySarah FarifieldGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Wickham ElemIowa CityAshley AtkinsonElem BandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Wickham ElemIowa CityKathlyn LangguthOrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Northwest JHCoralvilleJane TriplettBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Northwest JHCoralvilleStephanie DotzelOrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Northwest JHCoralvilleJill AndersonChoirRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Northwest JHCoralvilleKevin BrownBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS North Central JHNorth LibertyBill ScheideckerBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS North Central JHNorth LibertyCeCe RoudabushGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS North Central JHNorth LibertyMark AwadOrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS North Central JHNorth LibertyDiane ThayerDist CoordinatorRod PiersonMonday
ICCS West High SchoolIowa CityRich MeddBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS West High SchoolIowa CityRob MeddBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS West High SchoolIowa CityDavid HaasChoir AsstRod PiersonMonday
ICCS West High SchoolIowa CityRyan PersonChoirRod PiersonMonday
ICCS West High SchoolIowa CityKevin BrownBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS West High SchoolIowa CityWayne ThelanderOrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS West High SchoolIowa CityDiane MillerAdaptive MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS West High SchoolIowa CityMarv ReilandAthletic DeptRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Weber ElemIowa City BandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Weber ElemIowa CityMegan StuckyOrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Horace Mann ElemIowa CityLee RabeBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS South East JHIowa CityBill PringleBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS South East JHIowa CityTerry FingerGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS South East JHIowa CityGae Ellyn GentzschOrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS South East JHIowa CityLisa SchrockGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
ICCS City HighIowa CityRyan ArpBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS City HighIowa CityMyron McReynoldsBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS City HighIowa CityJim BerryChoirRod PiersonMonday
ICCS City HighIowa CityJames ThompsonChoirRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Lemme ElemIowa CityPaul MichalskiBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Lemme ElemIowa CityTascha KeettelOrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Longfellow ElemIowa City BandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Longfellow ElemIowa CityLouise KloppOrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Kirkwood ElemIowa CityChristy Curry-HoylandBandRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Coralville CentralIowa CityKathryn LangguthOrchRod PiersonMonday
ICCS Coralville CentralIowa CityLinda ScheetzGeneral MusicRod PiersonMonday
Iowa City Auxiliary AccountIowa City  Rod PiersonMonday
Regina Education CenterIowa CityTom NelsonHS BandRod PiersonMonday
Regina Education CenterIowa CityDana RansomElem BandRod PiersonMonday
Regina Education CenterIowa CityGretta ReynoldsOrchRod PiersonMonday
Regina Education CenterIowa CityTracy Chapman Rod PiersonMonday
Regina Education CenterIowa CityCaroline MarcotteChoralRod PiersonMonday
Regina Education CenterIowa CityWhitney Allen-Giller Rod PiersonMonday
Heritage Christian SchoolNorth LibertyLynn Jansen Rod PiersonMonday
Heritage Christian SchoolNorth LibertyNicole Early Rod PiersonMonday
West Liberty - Early Learning CntrWest Liberty Pre-K & KRod PiersonMonday
West Liberty HSWest LibertyAshley Smith9-12 BandRod PiersonMonday
West Liberty HSWest LibertyNathan Shivers9-12 VocalRod PiersonMonday
West Liberty MSWest LibertyMegan Austin5-8 BandRod PiersonMonday
West Liberty MSWest LibertyBrenda Miller5-8 VocalRod PiersonMonday
West Liberty ElemWest Liberty Elem VocalRod PiersonMonday
West Liberty ElemWest LibertyRobin EvansElem MusicRod PiersonMonday
Western DubuqueCascadeTony ButterworthCascade HSRod PiersonTuesday
Western DubuqueCascadeJudy WatermanCascade HSRod PiersonTuesday
Western DubuqueCascadeSharla SchmidtCascade MSRod PiersonTuesday
Western DubuqueCascadeChloe VassmerCascade MSRod PiersonTuesday
Eleanor RooseveltDubuqueDan NormanRoosevelt MSRod PiersonTuesday
Eleanor RooseveltDubuqueMarlene SchollmeyerRoosevelt MSRod PiersonTuesday
Eleanor RooseveltDubuqueTracey RushRoosevelt MSRod PiersonTuesday
Eleanor RooseveltDubuqueRobin Shultz Rod PiersonTuesday
Eleanor RooseveltDubuqueBrian EnabnitCarver ElemRod PiersonTuesday
Table Mound ElemDubuqueValentine / MilliusElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Audubon ElemDubuqueBarb FlammangElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Audubon ElemDubuqueJ. MandersElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Buildings and GroundsDubuqueBill Burkhart Rod PiersonTuesday
Bryant ElemDubuqueConnie MuellerElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Bryant ElemDubuqueJudy CorkeryElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Carver ElemDubuqueRenee FrenchCarver ElemRod PiersonTuesday
Carver ElemDubuqueMegan HarkeyElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Carver ElemDubuqueCameron ScholtesGen MusicRod PiersonTuesday
Hoover ElemDubuqueMegan HarkeyElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
EisenhowerDubuqueChristy MeyerElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Fulton ElemDubuqueGlabd / Hernsenj Rod PiersonTuesday
HempsteadDubuqueGreg DoweHS BandRod PiersonTuesday
HempsteadDubuqueDave PattersonOrchRod PiersonTuesday
HempsteadDubuqueLinda SchmidtVocalRod PiersonTuesday
HempsteadDubuqueTheresa SladeVocalRod PiersonTuesday
HempsteadDubuqueSteve Slade Rod PiersonTuesday
Jefferson MSDubuqueBeth WirtanenMS BandRod PiersonTuesday
Jefferson MSDubuqueSara Sulecki Rod PiersonTuesday
Jefferson MSDubuqueBrian Hughes Rod PiersonTuesday
Wahlert Catholic HSDubuqueRichard TraylorBandRod PiersonTuesday
Colts Drum and Bugle CorpsDubuqueVicki MacFarlane Rod PiersonTuesday
University of DubuqueDubuqueJim Sherry Rod PiersonTuesday
University of DubuqueDubuqueDr Thomas Dickey Rod PiersonTuesday
University of DubuqueDubuqueCharles Barland Rod PiersonTuesday
University of DubuqueDubuqueNick Bratcher Rod PiersonTuesday
Loras CollegeDubuqueGlenn Pohland Rod PiersonTuesday
Loras CollegeDubuqueBruce Kotowich Rod PiersonTuesday
Dubuque - Senior HighDubuqueBill RowleySenior HSRod PiersonTuesday
Dubuque - Senior HighDubuqueAnn DuchowSenior HSRod PiersonTuesday
Dubuque - Senior HighDubuqueSally StulkenSenior HSRod PiersonTuesday
Tri State Wind SymphonyDubuqueSally Stulken Rod PiersonTuesday
the ForumDubuqueCheryl Werner Rod PiersonTuesday
Prescott ElemDubuqueJohn Garde Rod PiersonTuesday
Irving ElemDubuqueRichard KapparosElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Kennedy ElemDubuqueSherrie WestphalElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Lincoln ElemDubuqueMichelle MentzElem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Lincoln ElemDubuqueNiemannGen MusicRod PiersonTuesday
Marshall ElemDubuque  Rod PiersonTuesday
Sageville ElemDubuque  Rod PiersonTuesday
Washington HSDubuqueDeb StevensHS BandRod PiersonTuesday
Washington HSDubuqueStephen Slade Rod PiersonTuesday
Washington HSDubuqueAnn Duchow Rod PiersonTuesday
Washington HSDubuqueMichelle Mentz Rod PiersonTuesday
Holy Family - Walhert HSDubuqueRichard TraylorHS BandRod PiersonTuesday
Holy Family - Mazzuehetti MSDubuqueJake TebbeMS BandRod PiersonTuesday
Holy Family - Holy Ghost ElemDubuque Elem GenRod PiersonTuesday
Maquoketa - HSMaquoketaKent Crawford Rod PiersonWednesday
Maquoketa - HSMaquoketaJoel HagenvocalRod PiersonWednesday
Maquoketa - MSMaquoketaJay Kahn Rod PiersonWednesday
Maquoketa - MSMaquoketaHeidi Streets Rod PiersonWednesday
Maquoketa - ElemMaquoketaBeth Wold Rod PiersonWednesday
Maquoketa - Cardinal ElemMaquoketaLinda Polk Rod PiersonWednesday
Maquoketa - Briggs ElemMaquoketaKatherine StadtmuellerGeneral MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Andrew CommAndrewKatie Stadtmueller Rod PiersonWednesday
Andrew CommAndrewLauren Faherty Rod PiersonWednesday
Easton ValleyPrestonPat WalkeGen MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Easton Valley HSPrestonAmanda BoegeHS BandRod PiersonWednesday
Easton Valley HSPrestonCameron Kotovsky Rod PiersonWednesday
Bellevue MSBellevueJill Sieverding Rod PiersonWednesday
Bellevue HSBellevueRod Matthews Rod PiersonWednesday
Bellevue HSBellevueAngela RuleyVocal MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Marquettte CatholicBellevueJill Sieverding Rod PiersonWednesday
Seton Catholic PeostaKorine SchneiderGen MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Adel-Desoto-Minburn CSDAdelCassidy NoringMS BandRod PiersonWednesday
ADM Fine Arts BoostersAdelCassidy NoringMS BandRod PiersonWednesday
River Ridge CUSD #210HanoverRenee Schultz Rod PiersonWednesday
River Ridge CUSD #210HanoverEmily Bender Rod PiersonWednesday
GalenaGalenaSteve HollandHS BandRod PiersonWednesday
GalenaGalenaTara AndersonHS BandRod PiersonWednesday
GalenaGalenaMark BaglioneHS ChoirRod PiersonWednesday
Galena PrimaryGalenaKerri RijpmaElem MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Southwestern WI - ElemHazel GreenEric Amweg Rod PiersonWednesday
Southwestern WI - MS / HSHazel GreenKyle ManleyHS BandRod PiersonWednesday
Southwestern WI - MS / HSHazel GreenDave IsermanMS BandRod PiersonWednesday
Southwestern WI - MS / HSHazel GreenErin FeldmanBand / Gen MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Southwestern WI - MS / HSHazel GreenTheresa BrownVocal MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Cuba City - HSCuba CityJuli ClaytonHS BandRod PiersonWednesday
Cuba City - MSCuba CityKelly NashVocal MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Cuba City - MSCuba CityMarilee LonsbergMS BandRod PiersonWednesday
Cuba City - ElemCuba CityMarilee LonsbergElem MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Cuba City - ElemCuba CityKelly NashVocal MusicRod PiersonWednesday
Cuba CityCuba CityRob Perkins Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleBarry Ellis Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleMatthew Gregg Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleCorey Mackey Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleDan Fairchild Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleAllen Cordingley Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleJohn Marco Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleDavid Cooper Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleMichael Forbes Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleHeather Mallory Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleMargaret Cornils Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleKeith LienertPerc InstructorRod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleNancy Fairchild Rod PiersonWednesday
UW PlattevillePlattevilleJacqueline Wilson Rod PiersonWednesday
W. Dubuque (Drexler)DrexlerDavid AndersonDrexler MSRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Farley)FarleyCharles OldenkampDrexler MSRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Farley)FarleyWaymire Rod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Farley)FarleyAmy StreckDrexler MSRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Farley)FarleyRachele RickelsDrexler MSRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Farley)FarleyDawn LakeDrexler MSRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Farley)FarleyTammy McDermittDrexler MSRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Farley)FarleySarah OldenkampDrexler MSRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Dyersville)DyersvilleRachele RickelsDyersville ElemRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Dyersville)DyersvilleGenevive GourleyDyersville ElemRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Epworth)EpworthKimberly StreifElem GenRod PiersonThursday
W. DubuqueEpworthMichael OmarzuHS BandRod PiersonThursday
W. DubuqueEpworthChristine TippleVocalRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque ElemCascadeGenevive GourleyElem GenRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Peosta)PeostaKimberly StreifElem GenRod PiersonThursday
W. Dubuque (Epworth)EpworthBobcat Music ParentsBand BoostersRod PiersonThursday
West Delaware - Lambert ElemManchesterMegan MinnihanGen MusicRod PiersonThursday
West Delaware - MSManchesterRobyn MorrisElem & MS BandRod PiersonThursday
West Delaware - MSManchesterJackie HawkinsGen MusicRod PiersonThursday
West Delaware - MSManchesterPatti GriffinGen MusicRod PiersonThursday
West Delaware - HSManchesterMark PhilgreenHS BandRod PiersonThursday
West Delaware - HSManchesterLinda MickensHS BandRod PiersonThursday
West Delaware - Central ReceivingManchesterDuane PhilgreenHS VocalRod PiersonThursday
Maquoketa Valley HSDelhiBeth Mueller Rod PiersonThursday
Maquoketa Valley MSDelhiChris HadleyElem BandRod PiersonThursday
Maquoketa Valley MSDelhiBeth MuellerHS VocalRod PiersonThursday
Maquoketa Valley - Delhi ElemDelhiChris Hadley Rod PiersonThursday
Maquoketa Valley - Delhi ElemDelhiStacie Pepin Rod PiersonThursday
Maquoketa Valley - Delhi ElemDelhiKaren Seibert Rod PiersonThursday
Maquoketa Valley - Earlville ElemEarlvilleKaren Seibert Rod PiersonThursday
Maquoketa Valley - Johnston ElemHopkinton  Rod PiersonThursday
St Joeseph Parish SchoolDyersvilleSarah WillenborgGen MusicRod PiersonThursday
Center Point-Urbana HSCenter PointDan JacobiHS BandRod PiersonThursday
Center Point-Urbana HSCenter PointJason BehrensHS VocalRod PiersonThursday
Center Point-Urbana MSCenter PointDorothy JacobiMS BandRod PiersonThursday
Center Point-Urbana MSCenter PointSheila MonsonMS VocalRod PiersonThursday
Center Point-Urbana IntermediateUrbanaDorothy JacobiElem BandRod PiersonThursday
Center Point-Urbana ElemUrbanaAnnette ZuckElem Gen MusicRod PiersonThursday
Independence JR/SR HSIndependenceDavid LangHS BandRod PiersonThursday
Independemce JR/SR HSIndependenceStephen Noyes Rod PiersonThursday
Independemce JR/SR HSIndependenceRoger BarloonHS VocalRod PiersonThursday
Independence JR/SR HSIndependenceKarl SmithJH BandRod PiersonThursday
Independence - West ElemIndependenceLisa LangElem BandRod PiersonThursday
Independence - West ElemIndependenceChristian HeasleyGen MusicRod PiersonThursday
Independence - West ElemIndependenceTim Purdum Rod PiersonThursday
Independence - East ElemIndependenceJanette HopkinsGen MusicRod PiersonThursday
Independence - East ElemIndependencePat ThomasGen MusicRod PiersonThursday
Independence - South ElemIndependence  Rod PiersonThursday
Independence - St. Johns CatholicIndependence BANDRod PiersonThursday
Beckman HSDyersvilleKyle AmatiHS BandRod PiersonThursday
Beckman HSDyersvilleKrystal SmithHS VocalRod PiersonThursday
Beckman - Xavier DyersvilleDyersvillePaula WelterElem BandRod PiersonThursday
Hennessy Catholic School (Worthington)DyersvilleDianne Forster Rod PiersonThursday
Sisters of Charity BVMDubuqueJane Schreiber (purchaser) Rod PiersonThursday
Benton - Norway ElemVan HorneMaureen ArndtElem. BandDennis BoydMonday
Benton - Norway ElemVan HorneDarla GalliganElem. BandDennis BoydMonday
Benton - Keystone ElemVan HorneCindy NelsonElem. BandDennis BoydMonday
Vinton JHVintonJody BierschenkElem. MS BandDennis BoydMonday
Vinton / ShellsburgVintonMichala MartinHS VocalDennis BoydMonday
Vinton HSVintonNick WaymireHS BandDennis BoydMonday
Vinton JHVintonLois MartinMS VocalDennis BoydMonday
Vinton / Shellsburg ElemVintonGib ZiemerElem. VocalDennis BoydMonday
Benton HSVan HorneJohn HaydenHS VocalDennis BoydMonday
Benton HSVan HorneScott WeberHS BandDennis BoydMonday
Benton MSVan HorneMichelle LampkinMS BandDennis BoydMonday
Belle Plaine HSBelle PlaineNathan JohnsonHS Band and VocalDennis BoydMonday
Longfellow ElemBelle PlaineLaura PhillipsElem. MS BandDennis BoydMonday
South Tama TamaChris McFateHS, MS VocalDennis BoydMonday
South Tama HSTamaMike CarnahanHS BandDennis BoydMonday
South Tama ElemTamaMarilyn RippyElem. VocalDennis BoydMonday
South Tama MSTamaTravis ZinnelMS BandDennis BoydMonday
Meskwaki Settlement TamaValerie SondagHS BandDennis BoydMonday
East Marshall HSLa GrandJennifer KitzmanHS VocalDennis BoydMonday
East Marshall HSLa GrandMary PotterHS BandDennis BoydMonday
East Marshall MSLa GrandMary PotterMS BandDennis BoydMonday
West MarshallState CenterLaura VanDerLindenHS VocalDennis BoydMonday
West MarshallState CenterRunyanHS BandDennis BoydMonday
Grinnell MSGrinnellAdam Van ArkelMS BandDennis BoydMonday
Grinnell MSGrinnellEmily Van ArkelElem BandDennis BoydMonday
Grinnell HS VocalGrinnellRoger HendersonHS VocalDennis BoydMonday
Grinnell HSGrinnellLevi DresslerHS BandDennis BoydMonday
Grinnell - Bailey ParkGrinnellMary NewtonElem VocalDennis BoydMonday
Grinnell - Fairview ElemGrinnellMalinda LoftinGen MusicDennis BoydMonday
Grinnell CollegeGrinnellPaul NelsonFine Arts Admin.Dennis BoydMonday
Grinnell CollegeGrinnellBarbara Rivadeneira Dennis BoydMonday
North Mahaska HSNew SharonTara CarricoHS, MS VocalDennis BoydMonday
North Mahaska HSNew SharonBruce PeifferHS, MS BandDennis BoydMonday
North Mahaska ElemNew SharonCarolyn BrickleyElem BandDennis BoydMonday
College Com Prairie CreekCedar RapidsAndy HoukElem BandDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie CreekCedar RapidsWendy MortonElem BandDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie CreekCedar RapidsAmy SamsElem BandDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie CreekCedar RapidsPam LutherElem. StoresDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie HeightsCedar RapidsSarah CovingtonElem VocalDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie HillCedar RapidsTammy McDermottGen MusicDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie HSCedar RapidsJustin SandsHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie HSCedar RapidsCheri BrummerHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie HSCedar RapidsCraig AuneHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie HSCedar RapidsDeron JimmersonHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie PointCedar RapidsJeff Schafer9th Grade BandDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie PointCedar RapidsJeff FountainMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie PointCedar RapidsKelly TruaxGen MusicDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie PointCedar RapidsMike DaviesMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie RidgeCedar RapidsMichelle SteepletonElem. VocalDennis BoydTuesday
College Com Prairie ViewCedar RapidsDaniel DyrlandElem VocalDennis BoydTuesday
CR Municiple BandCedar RapidsDavid LawDirectorDennis BoydTuesday
CR Comm Sch Dst PurchasingCedar RapidsKathy KinleyPurchasing Dennis BoydTuesday
CR Comm Sch Dst PurchasingCedar RapidsDeana DvorakPurchasing Dennis BoydTuesday
CR-Cleveland ElemCedar Rapids Elem. VocalDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Franklin MSCedar RapidsBeth Davies (Sheldon)MS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Franklin MSCedar RapidsVal ShanleyMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-McKinley MSCedar RapidsLiz Driskell *always to bldg*MS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Wilson MSCedar RapidsMary BunnMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Grant Wood ElemCedar RapidsAmber HansenElem VocalDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Jefferson HSCedar RapidsThad DriskellHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Jefferson HSCedar RapidsAdam HoffmannHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Jefferson HSCedar RapidsKatie Burnes - SennHS OrchestraDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Jefferson HSCedar RapidsKent KeatingHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
N.E.I.B.A.Cedar RapidsThad DriskellHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Roosevelt MSCedar RapidsKristin BeattyMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Roosevelt MSCedar RapidsMelissa BrobstonMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Taft MSCedar RapidsRandy AtkinsonMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Taft MSCedar RapidsDoreen AndersonMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-XavierCedar RapidsKelli SwehlaHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-XavierCedar RapidsMatt WalkerHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Kennedy HSCedar RapidsJared WackerHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Kennedy HSCedar RapidsLeslie FleerHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Kennedy HSCedar RapidsStorm ZieglerHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Harding MSCedar RapidsChris BirdMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Washington HSCedar RapidsJim MillerHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Washington HSCedar RapidsPeter WestphalenHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Washington HSCedar RapidsJoel NagelHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
CR-Washington HSCedar RapidsAmy FarleyHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
Kirkwood Community CollegeCedar RapidsAl NaylorJazz DirectorDennis BoydTuesday
Regis MSCedar RapidsAmy WilliamsMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar ExcelsiorCedar RapidsSteve KingMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar ExcelsiorCedar RapidsShawn SandersfeldMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar JHCedar RapidsBrett DupreeMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar HSCedar RapidsSteve StickneyHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar HSCedar RapidsDan TerrellHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar HSCedar RapidsAaron NussHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar HSCedar RapidsBob AndersonHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar HSCedar RapidsJune SchmidtHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar WestfieldCedar RapidsKevin MakinsterElem BandDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar WestfieldCedar RapidsKeelyn KanzGen MusicDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar OakridgeCedar RapidsStephanie NussMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar NovakMarionJennifer WalkerGen MusicDennis BoydTuesday
Linn-Mar Bowman WoodsCedar RapidsCarly HuhnElem VocalDennis BoydTuesday
Marion HSMarionJonathan DyrlandHS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
Marion MSMarionDavid AndersonMS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Marion MSMarionKari ScherbringMS VocalDennis BoydTuesday
Marion Elem.MarionKim SpechtElem. BandDennis BoydTuesday
Marion - IntermediateMarionAmanda FreeseElem VocalDennis BoydTuesday
Marion HSMarionChad AllardHS BandDennis BoydTuesday
Mt Mercy UniversityCedar RapidsGerry KreitzerBandDennis BoydTuesday
Tipton MSTiptonDusty JohnsonMS BandDennis BoydWednesday
Tipton HSTiptonAndy OwenHS BandDennis BoydWednesday
North Cedar HSStanwoodMelanie WulfekuhleHS BandDennis BoydWednesday
North Cedar HSStanwoodPeter FournieaHS VocalDennis BoydWednesday
North Cedar JHClarenceTrina McPeakeMS BandDennis BoydWednesday
North Cedar ElemMechanicsvilleAmanda HakerElem VocalDennis BoydWednesday
North Cedar ElemLoudenAmanda HakerElem VocalDennis BoydWednesday
OlinOlin  Dennis BoydWednesday
Calamus-WheatlandWheatlandBeth SeedoffHS BandDennis BoydWednesday
Bennett CommBennettMatt DriscollElem BandDennis BoydWednesday
Durant DurantKevin MundtBandDennis BoydWednesday
Durant MS/ HS DurantTom LeeHS BandDennis BoydWednesday
Durant ElemDurantDanette KeltingElem VocalDennis BoydWednesday
Wilton HS WiltonPete WyattHS, MS BandDennis BoydWednesday
Wilton ElemWiltonStevie TrevathanElem BandDennis BoydWednesday
West Branch JHWest BranchLeah LedtjeMS BandDennis BoydWednesday
West Branch HSWest BranchLisa SchrockHS BandDennis BoydWednesday
West BranchWest BranchChris ReedHS VocalDennis BoydWednesday
West Branch ElemWest BranchMary GatesElem VocalDennis BoydWednesday
Monticello JHMonticelloJill DobelMS BandDennis BoydWednesday
Monticello HSMonticelloJim DavisHS BandDennis BoydWednesday
Monticello HSMonticelloBrett KniessHS VocalDennis BoydWednesday
Monticello MSMonticelloDonna WallMS VocalDennis BoydWednesday
Monticello ElemMonticelloNick ThummaElem VocalDennis BoydWednesday
Monticello Band BoostersMonticelloJim DavisHS BandDennis BoydWednesday
Midland HSWyomingAna FreemanHS VocalDennis BoydWednesday
Midland HSWyomingElizabeth WrightBandDennis BoydWednesday
Anamosa HSAnamosaMike MeyerHS BandDennis BoydWednesday
Anamosa MSAnamosaSara ChrismanMS VocalDennis BoydWednesday
Anamosa MSAnamosaSteven HoveyMS BandDennis BoydWednesday
Clear Creek-Amana HSTiffinJohn SmithHS BandDennis BoydThursday
Clear Creek-Amana HSTiffinTracy WilliamsHS VocalDennis BoydThursday
Clear Creek-Amana MSTiffinBrian BurkhartMS VocalDennis BoydThursday
Clear Creek-Amana ElemNorth Liberty/AmanaPat FlahertyElem BandDennis BoydThursday
Clear Creek-Amana ElemAmanaPaul CorbiereGen MusicDennis BoydThursday
Clear Creek-Amana ElemOxfordEmily ChatfieldElem VocalDennis BoydThursday
Clear Creek-Amana ElemOxfordAmy ButterbaughOxford SecretaryDennis BoydThursday
Clear Creek-Amana JHTiffinDan DaviesMS BandDennis BoydThursday
Clear Creek - North BendNorth LibertyMargaret ReihmanElem VocalDennis BoydThursday
Williamsburg HSWilliamsburgTyler KalinaHS BandDennis BoydThursday
Willamsburg JHWilliamsburgTom LanderosMS BandDennis BoydThursday
Williamsburg HSWilliamsburgSteve ManningHS VocalDennis BoydThursday
Williamsburg - Mary WelshWilliamsburgMary WetjenElem VocalDennis BoydThursday
Williamsburg - Mary WelshWilliamsburgKatie AshelinHS VocalDennis BoydThursday
English ValleyNorth EnglishNiles DusdiekerBandDennis BoydThursday
Tri CountyThornburgMelanie TygartBandDennis BoydThursday
Oskaloosa HSOskaloosaRich WaddingtonHS Dennis BoydThursday
Oskaloosa ElemOskaloosaMichelle DickinsonElem BandDennis BoydThursday
Oskaloosa ElemOskaloosaDenise McClellanElem OrchestraDennis BoydThursday
Oskaloosa ElemOskaloosaSharon HammesElem VocalDennis BoydThursday
Oskaloosa JHOskaloosaRusty RaymondMS BandDennis BoydThursday
Oskaloosa-OrchestraOskaloosaBruce McClellanHS OrchestraDennis BoydThursday
William Penn CollegeOskaloosaScott CressleyBandDennis BoydThursday
William Penn CollegeOskaloosaTerry DeJongAthletic BandDennis BoydThursday
MontezumaMontezumaScott StantonBandDennis BoydThursday
MontezumaMontezumaMary PohlmannVocalDennis BoydThursday
BGM HSBrooklynJason GrunkleeBandDennis BoydThursday
BGM ElemBrooklynDon LastovkaElem VocalDennis BoydThursday
HLVVictorDennis CabalkaBandDennis BoydThursday
HLVVictorRebecca de SouzaHS, MS VocalDennis BoydThursday
HLVVictorRenee AndrewsElem VocalDennis BoydThursday
Iowa Valley HSMarengoHeath LongBandDennis BoydThursday
Iowa Valley HSMarengoNeil SchwartingVocalDennis BoydThursday
Lutheran Interparish SchoolWilliamsburg BandDennis BoydThursday
Solon HSSolonDesmond CervantezHS BandDennis BoydFriday
Solon HSSolonJoel ForemanHS VocalDennis BoydFriday
Solon MSSolonMichael ComptonMS BandDennis BoydFriday
Solon MSSolonJessie FerrickMS VocalDennis BoydFriday
Solon ElemSolonMichelle LyonsElem VocalDennis BoydFriday
Cornell CollegeCedar RapidsCathy SchonhorstFine Arts SecretaryDennis BoydFriday
Cornell CollegeCedar RapidsAlan KiserPercussion InstructorDennis BoydFriday
Cornell CollegeCedar RapidsMarty HearneBandDennis BoydFriday
Cornell CollegeCedar RapidsAaron PerrineMusic Ed / TheoryDennis BoydFriday
Mt. Vernon MSMt. VernonElise RodenbergMS BandDennis BoydFriday
Mt. Vernon MSMt. VernonKristin AndersonMS VocalDennis BoydFriday
Mt. Vernon HSMt. VernonTabitha RasmussenOrchestraDennis BoydFriday
Mt Vernon ElemMt. VernonKristin KeastElem VocalDennis BoydFriday
Mt. Vernon HSMt. VernonBernie MooreHS BandDennis BoydFriday
Mt. Vernon HSMt. VernonThad WilkinsHS VocalDennis BoydFriday
Springville HSSpringvilleJennifer Fisher-AdamsBandDennis BoydFriday
Springville HSSpringvilleKellie JorgensonVocalDennis BoydFriday
LisbonLisbonJulie StulkenVocalDennis BoydFriday
LisbonLisbonJennifer TiedeBandDennis BoydFriday
Maple City Band - GeneseoGeneseoAlan Kiser Dennis BoydAs Needed
Heritage Christian SchoolNorth LibertyLynn Jansen Dennis BoydAs Needed
Sioux CenterSioux Center  Dennis BoydExtra
Alburnett High SchoolAlburnettVicki Meadows Dennis BoydAs Needed
Alburnett Community SchoolAlburnettRuth Armstrong Dennis BoydAs Needed
Central CollegePellaDebbie Abel Dennis BoydAs Needed
Washington HSWashington  Tom BeaverMonday
Washington ElemWashingtonDon Hughes Tom BeaverMonday
Washington ElemWashingtonGidget Utterbach Tom BeaverMonday
Washington JHWashingtonCraig McClennahan Tom BeaverMonday
Washington JSWashingtonMike Jewel Tom BeaverMonday
Mt. Pleasant MSMt. PleasantLaura Westfall Tom BeaverMonday
Mt. Pleasant MS Adam Creager Tom BeaverMonday
Mt Pleasant  Marlene Depriest Tom BeaverMonday
Mt Pleasant - Lincoln Elem Sharon Moeller Tom BeaverMonday
Mt. Pleasant HS Jim DePriest Tom BeaverMonday
Mt. Pleasant HS Philip SchroetterVocalTom BeaverMonday
Mt. Pleasant - Harlan Elem Sherry ChristensenElemTom BeaverMonday
Iowa WesleyanMt. PleasantDavid Johnson Tom BeaverMonday
Iowa WesleyanMt. PleasantJason Edwards Tom BeaverMonday
New London HSNew LondonArnie AndersonBandTom BeaverMonday
New LondonNew London  Tom BeaverMonday
New LondonNew LondonBobbi Fry Tom BeaverMonday
DanvilleDanvilleWyman Martin5-12 BandTom BeaverMonday
DanvilleDanvilleBobbi HuebnerK-12 VocalTom BeaverMonday
Winfield Jr/Sr HSWinfieldShaylena BellChoirTom BeaverMonday
Winfield Jr/Sr HSWinfieldLogan Vander Wiel5-12 BandTom BeaverMonday
Ottumwa - EisenhowerOttumwaGary GullionDist Coord.Tom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa - EisenhowerOttumwaKendra ElledgeGen MusicTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa - Horace MannOttumwaEllen Stoltz-McGinityGen MusicTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa ElemOttumwaJena HawkElem BandTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa ElemOttumwaAngela WitzenburgElem OrchTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa MS/HSOttumwaPatty BabbMS/HS OrchTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa Evans MSOttumwaAngie McDonaldMS VocalTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa HSOttumwaTroy GerlemanHS BandTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa HSOttumwaEllen WubblesHS BandTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa HSOttumwaDennis VasconezHS VocalTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa Evans MS OttumwaAlex MasonMS BandTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa Evans MS OttumwaPam DeBoer6th Gr BandTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa Wildwood ElemOttumwaTheresa ThostensonElemTom BeaverTuesday
Ottumwa - Liberty ElemOttumwaMiriam FentonElemTom BeaverTuesday
CardinalEltonLuke Miller5-12 BandTom BeaverTuesday
Cardinal ElemEltonTravis ZinnelElemTom BeaverTuesday
Pekin MS/HS Derrick WhiteHS VocalTom BeaverTuesday
Pekin MS/HS Ed VanderlindenHS BandTom BeaverTuesday
Pekin Elem/MS Brenda Hagedon5-12 BandTom BeaverTuesday
Fremont SchoolFremontRobin WendlandBandTom BeaverTuesday
Oskaloosa ChristianOskaloosaAngela DawsonBandTom BeaverTuesday
Eddyville HSEddyvilleJoe OvertonHS BandTom BeaverTuesday
Blakesburg Elem BlakesburgDezirae RussellElm/MS BandTom BeaverTuesday
Twin CedarsBusseyNathan Smith5-12 BandTom BeaverTuesday
Twin CedarsBusseyDonna HustonVocalTom BeaverTuesday
FairfieldFairfieldMary AndersenMS BandTom BeaverWednesday
FairfieldFairfieldJim EdgetonHS BandTom BeaverWednesday
FairfieldFairfieldAaron AdamElem BandTom BeaverWednesday
FairfieldFairfieldDavid OwenGen MusicTom BeaverWednesday
FairfieldFairfieldConnei KellerGen MusicTom BeaverWednesday
Highland HSRiversideJill Fair5-12 BandTom BeaverWednesday
HighlandRiversideJennifer WagnerHS VocalTom BeaverWednesday
Highland ElemAinsworthAnna BurnsGen MusicTom BeaverWednesday
Columbus HSColumbus JctCharles Mausser5-12 BandTom BeaverWednesday
Columbus HSColumbus JctDeborah Sulzberger7-12 ChoirTom BeaverWednesday
Columbus ElemColumbus JctMolly PetersonGen MusicTom BeaverWednesday
SigourneySigourneyJessica Meier5-12 BandTom BeaverWednesday
Maharishi SchoolFairfieldDorothy RoweAllTom BeaverWednesday
Van Buren Julie GarrelsMS/HS BandTom BeaverWednesday
Van Buren HSKeosauquaMarcie AtwoodMS/HS VocalTom BeaverWednesday
Harmony   Tom BeaverWednesday
Lone Tree Jr/Sr HSLone TreeCourtney Sorensen5-12 BandTom BeaverWednesday
Lone Tree Jr/Sr HSLone TreeJaci VisserK-12 MusicTom BeaverWednesday
Lone Tree Jr/Sr HSLone TreeBrooke SmithvocalTom BeaverWednesday
KeotaKeotaJane Edwards5-12 BandTom BeaverWednesday
KeotaKeota Elem BandTom BeaverWednesday
Davis County HS BloomfieldLinda McConnellHS BandTom BeaverThursday
Davis County HS BloomfieldStephanie LanateHS VocalTom BeaverThursday
Davis County MS BloomfieldNathan BierlMS BandTom BeaverThursday
Davis County ElemBloomfieldRose SchmidtGen MusicTom BeaverThursday
Moulton-UdellMoultonKaitlyn SicinskiAllTom BeaverThursday
Centerville HS CentervilleJim DePrizioHS BandTom BeaverThursday
Centerville Lakeview ElemCentervilleTyler MorganElem BandTom BeaverThursday
Centerville Lakeview ElemCentervilleSusan ColeGen MusicTom BeaverThursday
Centerville Central ElemCentervilleScott Clark Tom BeaverThursday
Centerville Howar JHCentervilleMark TaylorJH BandTom BeaverThursday
Moravia BandMoraviaLise Nelson5-12 BandTom BeaverThursday
Moravia BandMoraviaSydni GrahamGen MusicTom BeaverThursday
Albia HS AlbiaDaniel VanderlindenHS BandTom BeaverThursday
Albia HS AlbiaRachel CorpusHS VocalTom BeaverThursday
Albia Lincoln CenterAlbiaDave Perry5-8 BandTom BeaverThursday
Albia Elem General MusicAlbiaJessica HemannGen MusicTom BeaverThursday
Mid-Prairie Ross SchumakerMS BandTom BeaverFriday
Mid-Prairie Collette McClellanHS VocalTom BeaverFriday
Mid-Prairie Luetta RoppMS VocalTom BeaverFriday
Mid-Prairie David KunzHS BandTom BeaverFriday
Mid-Prairie Norm BrooksElem BandTom BeaverFriday
Mid-Prairie - Kalona Elem Heather HerschbergerElem VocalTom BeaverFriday
Mid-Prairie Collette McClellenHS VocalTom BeaverFriday
Iowa Mennonite Karenza Yoder5-12 BandTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityRita SchmidtSecretaryTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityMary Adamek Tom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityMark HeidelDirectorTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityKevin KastensMarch BandTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityAmy SchendelTrumpetTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityDavid GierTromboneTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityJeffrey AgrellF HornTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityJohn ManningLow BrassTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityDan MoorePercussionTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityKim StangePurchasingTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityKenneth TseSaxophoneTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityMaurita Murphy MeadClarinetTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityBrent SandyJazz StudiesTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityJim DryerJazz StudiesTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CitySteve GrismoreJazz StudiesTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityJohn RapsonJazz StudiesTom BeaverFriday
University of IowaIowa CityChun-Ming Chen (Jimmy)OrchTom BeaverFriday
New Horizons BandIowa CityErin Wehr Tom BeaverFriday
Lamoni Comm SchoolLamoniTracy Shaw Tom BeaverAs Needed
Iowa Menonite School Josh Tyson Tom BeaverAs Needed
Ottumwa Municipal BandOttumwaBrenda Hagedon / Susan Smith Tom BeaverAs Needed
Algona comm SchoolAlgonaDianne Aboud Tom BeaverAs Needed
Onalaska High SchoolOnalaskaRobert CoeBandTom BeaverAs Needed
Davenport Curriculum DirectorDavenportSteve SchwaeglerCurriculumCathi DorrMonday
North HS DavenportKaci Stirlingband / head dirCathi DorrMonday
North HS DavenportRyan RiewertsvocalCathi DorrMonday
North HS DavenportPaula HartmannorchCathi DorrMonday
North HSDavenportDarcy Hendricksvocal asstCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Harrison Elem GenDavenportMary RiewertsgenCathi DorrMonday
Davenport North HS OrchDavenportMichelle OttesenorchCathi DorrMonday
North High Building AccountDavenport bandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport - Williams IntermDavenportDawn StonevocalCathi DorrMonday
Davenport - Williams IntermDavenportJullian ButtersbandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport - Williams IntermDavenportGail BlubaughorchCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Smart IntermDavenport bandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Smart Interm OrchDavenportPaul Price-BrennerorchCathi DorrMonday
Walcott IntermediateWalcott bandCathi DorrMonday
Walcott IntermediateWalcottDawn JohnsonchoralCathi DorrMonday
Walcott Intermediate OrchWalcottJulie WinceorchCathi DorrMonday
JFK PerochialDavenportEthan ConnorsbandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport West High Maggie OatesbandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport West High Mark KretschmerbandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport West High Carlene Easley (Orch)orchCathi DorrMonday
Davenport West High Colleen SchloemervocalCathi DorrMonday
Davenport West High Tyler FinleyvocalCathi DorrMonday
Davenport West Boosters   Cathi DorrMonday
Sudlow IntermediateDavenportJay SkoglundbandCathi DorrMonday
Sudlow IntermediateDavenportRobin CiccotellibandCathi DorrMonday
Sudlow IntermediateDavenportTerry ReiterbandCathi DorrMonday
Sudlow IntermediateDavenportKim KnochechoralCathi DorrMonday
Sudlow IntermediateDavenportKristian SvennevigorchCathi DorrMonday
Wood IntermediateDavenportAndy TadlockchoralCathi DorrMonday
Wood IntermediateDavenportNora ReiterbandCathi DorrMonday
Wood IntermediateDavenportJim McCartneybandCathi DorrMonday
Wood IntermediateDavenportPaula HartmannorchCathi DorrMonday
Harrison Elem (Wood Int)DavenportKristine KendallorchCathi DorrMonday
Davenport - St Paul the ApsotleDavenportAnn KampbandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport St. Pauls Elem General MusicDavenportJulie Skalekgen musicCathi DorrMonday
St. Ambrose UniversityDavenportGene BechenbandCathi DorrMonday
St. Ambrose UniversityDavenportWilliam CampbellorchCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Central High SchoolDavenportMonike Hillasst dirCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Central High School   Cathi DorrMonday
Davenport Central High SchoolDavenportAlex WilgabandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Central High SchoolDavenportMichael ReesevocalCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Central High SchoolDavenportEmily Schrankvocal asstCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Central High SchoolDavenportBrian Zeglissperc asstCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Central High SchoolDavenportKevin PriceorchCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Central Band ParentsDavenport  Cathi DorrMonday
JB Young IntermediateDavenport bandCathi DorrMonday
JB Young IntermediateDavenportKristian SvennevigorchCathi DorrMonday
Davenport - All Saints ElementaryDavenportSara HawkinsbandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Assumption HSDavenportErin MahrbandCathi DorrMonday
Davenport Assumption HS Trevor LoesvocalCathi DorrMonday
North Scott JHEldridgeAshley WilsonbandCathi DorrTuesday
North Scott JHEldridgeJennie McKennabandCathi DorrTuesday
North Scott JHEldridgePaul SkylesvocalCathi DorrTuesday
North Scott HSEldridgeMike McMannbandCathi DorrTuesday
North Scott HSEldridgeCarl CollinsbandCathi DorrTuesday
North Scott HSEldridgeLinda HoppeOrchCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley HS Drew AndersonbandCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley HS Vocal Meg ByrnevocalCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley HS Nick PropesbandCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley HS Laurym DeetsorchCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley HS Sarah TinsmanorchCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley JH Vocal Peter GrauvocalCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley JH Kristin LopezbandCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley JH Jacob DavisbandCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley JH Lauryn MarieorchCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley Orch Rob SwinneyorchCathi DorrTuesday
Hopewell ElementaryBettendorfRachel FitkinbandCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant View ElementaryBettendorfAudra BaileybandCathi DorrTuesday
Hoover ElementaryBettendorf  Cathi DorrTuesday
Jefferson ElementaryBettendorf  Cathi DorrTuesday
Cody ElementaryLeClaireBrian GaertnerbandCathi DorrTuesday
Pleasant Valley Bond BoostersBettendorf  Cathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf MSBettendorfDavid WilkinsonvocalCathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf MSBettendorfJanet YoungsbandCathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf MSBettendorfStephanie HindsbandCathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf MSBettendorfRachel PalmerorchCathi DorrTuesday
Paul Norton ElemBettendorfEmily BoblettGen MusicCathi DorrTuesday
St Katherine / St MarkBettendorf  Cathi DorrTuesday
Grant Wood ElemBettendorf  Cathi DorrTuesday
Mark Twain ElemBettendorf  Cathi DorrTuesday
Neil Armstrong ElemBettendorf  Cathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf MSBettendorfDonna RodOrchCathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf MSBettendorfPeggy Hamiltongen music / vocalCathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf HSBettendorfMike DynesbandCathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf HSBettendorfMegan CooneyorchCathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf HSBettendorfJeff KnudsonVocalCathi DorrTuesday
Bettendorf HSBettendorfChris SaitobandCathi DorrTuesday
North Scott Music Boosters   Cathi DorrTuesday
Orion HS Jennifer Kinney5-12 BandCathi DorrTuesday
Orion HS Ben HolmesChoirCathi DorrTuesday
Orion HS Stephanie MoenElem MusicCathi DorrTuesday
Central Dewitt HSDeWittJosh Greubel Cathi DorrTuesday
Central Dewitt HSDeWittNoah Cornelius Cathi DorrTuesday
Central Dewitt MSDeWittBrittany Wedeking Cathi DorrTuesday
Central Dewitt MSDeWittKerri Olson Cathi DorrTuesday
Central Dewitt IntermediateDeWittMaria Cibula Cathi DorrTuesday
Central Dewitt - Ekstrand ElemDeWittKristan Mitchell Cathi DorrTuesday
Highland Community College Bill Buehler Cathi DorrTuesday
Rock Island HSRock IslandPeter CarlinbandCathi DorrWednesday
Rock Island HS Activity AcctRock Island  Cathi DorrWednesday
Rock Island HS asstRock IslandMike TollenaerHS BandCathi DorrWednesday
Rock Island - Edison JHRock IslandCris BraddybandCathi DorrWednesday
Edison JH Band Building AccountRock IslandCris Braddy Cathi DorrWednesday
Edison JH (RI) and HSRock IslandMatt ManweilerorchCathi DorrWednesday
Washington JH (RI)Rock IslandCris BraddyorchCathi DorrWednesday
Washington JH (RI) Band Building Rock IslandCris BraddybandCathi DorrWednesday
Washington JH (RI)Rock IslandMatt Manweilerorch Cathi DorrWednesday
Washington JH (RI) Orch BuildingRock IslandMatt ManweilerorchCathi DorrWednesday
Rock Island ElementaryRock IslandSteve BraddybandCathi DorrWednesday
Rock Island ElementaryRock IslandMegan BartletttbandCathi DorrWednesday
Rock Island ElementaryRock IslandDebbie WegenerorchCathi DorrWednesday
Lourdes CatholicBettendorfJessica Lowe Cathi DorrWednesday
Moline - Coordinator Moline Angela Sheeseband/orchCathi DorrWednesday
Moline HSMoline Zack MortonbandCathi DorrWednesday
Moline HSMoline Ron MaychoralCathi DorrWednesday
Moline HSMoline Ron MortonorchCathi DorrWednesday
Moline ElementaryMoline Ron Mortonband/orchCathi DorrWednesday
Moline - Wilson MSMoline Regina ThomaschoralCathi DorrWednesday
Moline - Wilson MSMoline Todd Slothowerband/orchCathi DorrWednesday
John Deere MSMoline Chuck Comellaband/orchCathi DorrWednesday
John Deere MSMoline Colleen CallahanchoralCathi DorrWednesday
John Deere Music ParentsMoline   Cathi DorrWednesday
Augustana CollegeRock IslandRick JaeschkebandCathi DorrWednesday
Augustana CollegeRock IslandMichael Zemekmusic edCathi DorrWednesday
Augustana CollegeRock IslandDaniel CulverorchCathi DorrWednesday
Augustana CollegeRock IslandJohn HurtyvocalCathi DorrWednesday
Augustana CollegeRock IslandJames LambrechtbandCathi DorrWednesday
Augustana CollegeRock Island  Cathi DorrWednesday
Augustana CollegeRock IslandRosita TendallguitCathi DorrWednesday
Augustana CollegeRock IslandJanet StoddfluteCathi DorrWednesday
Augustana CollegeRock IslandSusan StoneStringCathi DorrWednesday
Rock falls HSRock Falls Elizabeth Judd Cathi DorrWednesday
St. Mary's School Lisa Eaton Cathi DorrWednesday
MontmorencyRock Falls Lindsay Guinand  Cathi DorrWednesday
Challand MS / SterlingSterling Erik ObergbandCathi DorrWednesday
Challand MS / SterlingSterling Kevin O'KeefebandCathi DorrWednesday
Challand MS / SterlingSterling   Cathi DorrWednesday
Woodlawn AcademySterling Christy Zepezauer Cathi DorrWednesday
Woodlawn AcademySterling Denise Deter Cathi DorrWednesday
Woodlawn AcademySterling Rhonda Hulteen Cathi DorrWednesday
Woodlawn AcademySterling Becky Rich Cathi DorrWednesday
Colona Grade School Calesia HousebandCathi DorrWednesday
United Township High SchoolEast MolineDave MaccabeebandCathi DorrWednesday
Sterling HSSterling Mike McCoybandCathi DorrWednesday
Sterling HSSterling Erik ObergorchCathi DorrWednesday
Sterling HS   Cathi DorrWednesday
Sterling HS Melissa Mondello Cathi DorrWednesday
Cambridge ElementaryCambridge Dawn Higgs5-6 BandCathi DorrWednesday
Cambridge JH/HSCambridge Chris Allen7-12 BandCathi DorrWednesday
Moline Inst Music Parents   Cathi DorrWednesday
Clinton - Prince of Peace SchoolClinton Matt Hovey Cathi DorrThursday
Polo HS (Call ahead) John James Cathi DorrThursday
Polo HS (Call ahead) Justine Davis Cathi DorrThursday
Chadwick/Milledgeville   Cathi DorrThursday
Chadwick/MilledgevilleMilledgevilleMargo Weber Cathi DorrThursday
Chadwick/MilledgevilleChadwick Cheryl Neumann Cathi DorrThursday
West Carroll HS/SavanahSavannaEmily BresslerbandCathi DorrThursday
West Carroll HS Scott MattisonchoralCathi DorrThursday
West Carroll Intermediate & MS Emily BresslerbandCathi DorrThursday
Riverbend-Fulton MS as needed Shawn Anton Cathi DorrThursday
Riverbend-Fulton MS Jennie Anton Cathi DorrThursday
Ashford University Steve Little Cathi DorrThursday
Clinton Julie MarstonmeCathi DorrThursday
Clinton Jefferson Christina Hicks Cathi DorrThursday
Clinton Washington Brett Van NulindbandCathi DorrThursday
Clinton HS Josh HahnbandCathi DorrThursday
Clinton   Cathi DorrThursday
Clinton HS Amanda WorphambandCathi DorrThursday
Camanche MS/HS Carolyn Petersen Cathi DorrThursday
Camanche MS/HS Taylor Stoddard Cathi DorrThursday
Camanche Elem Jen Meyer  Cathi DorrThursday
Oregon HS Andy EckardtHS BandCathi DorrThursday
Oregon HS Katie SheridanHS VocalCathi DorrThursday
Oregon Elem Emily HolznerElemCathi DorrThursday
Oregon - David L Rahn JH Miles BeskeMS BandCathi DorrThursday
Oregon - David L Rahn JH Katie SheridanHS VocalCathi DorrThursday
Sauk Valley Comm College Mark Bressler Cathi DorrThursday
West Central HS, Biggsville Matt Henning5-12 BandCathi DorrFriday
West Central HS, Biggsville Joanne HilligossVocalCathi DorrFriday
Mercer County High SchoolAledoRusty Ruggles5-12 BandCathi DorrFriday
Mercer County High SchoolAledoAbi HicksHS ChoirCathi DorrFriday
Mercer County Jr High SchoolAledoMarcia KrsticChoirCathi DorrFriday
Mercer County ElemAledoSusie KennyElemCathi DorrFriday
Rockridge HS / JHS Jennifer Zeglis6-7 BandCathi DorrFriday
Rockridge HS / JHS Curtis OelschlagerVocalCathi DorrFriday
Rockridge HS / JHS Jessica Zabransky8-12 BandCathi DorrFriday
Rockridge HS / JHS Brenda MackeElem MusicCathi DorrFriday
Rockridge Activity Account Jessica Zabransky Cathi DorrFriday
Geneseo Aliasha ArndtElem MusicCathi DorrFriday
Geneseo Tony HernandezBandCathi DorrFriday
Geneseo Steve SchererHS BandCathi DorrFriday
Geneseo Steve LaCroixHS ChoirCathi DorrFriday
Geneseo Marie AbelElem MusicCathi DorrFriday
Geneseo John VersiluisElem MusicCathi DorrFriday
Geneseo Lindrew JohnsonElem MusicCathi DorrFriday
Sherrard CUSD 200 Christina PagettVocalCathi DorrFriday
Sherrard CUSD 200  BandCathi DorrFriday
Sherrard CUSD 200  ElemCathi DorrFriday
Galesburg (Knox College) Various Teachers Cathi DorrFriday
Monmouth-Roseville Joy Boostrom5-12 BandCathi DorrFriday
Monmouth-Roseville Emily FinkElem Cathi DorrFriday
Monmouth-Roseville Kevin Ferry6-12 VocalCathi DorrFriday
Monmouth College Dr. James BettsDept. HeadCathi DorrFriday
Monmouth College Matt WankenBandCathi DorrFriday
Monmouth College Steve JacksonJazzCathi DorrFriday
United Comm #304 Madeline WoodBandCathi DorrFriday
United Comm #304 Katie HallChoirCathi DorrFriday
United Comm #304 Barb GossettElem BandCathi DorrFriday
Macomb - Edison Mike Murphy Cathi DorrFriday
Western Illinois Cindy BaxterPurchasingCathi DorrFriday
ILMEA Nicole Oberg Cathi DorrAs Needed
DeWitt - St. Joseph Catholic School Julie Weirup Cathi DorrAs Needed
Eastland HSLanarkBen RandeckerBand/ChoirCathi DorrAs Needed
Eastland MSShannonLisa EatonMS BandCathi DorrAs Needed
Lena-Winslow IL Scott StichHS/MS BandCathi DorrAs Needed
Lena-Winslow IL Lisa Stich Cathi DorrAs Needed
Cedar Rapdis - Taft MS Thad SentmanMS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Cedar Rapids - Washington HS Natalie BrownHS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Linn-Mar HS Josh ReznicowHS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Cedar Rapids - Franklin MS Nicolle SternMS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Cedar Rapids - Roosevelt Nicolle SternMS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Cedar Rapids - Jefferson HS Katie Burnes - SennHS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Cedar Rapids - Harding MS Ann HauschildtMS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Cedar Rapids - McKinley MS Andrew SteffenMS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Linn-Mar - Excelsior MS Kelly ViethMS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Linn-Mar - Oak Ridge MS Kristi SchambergerMS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Cedar Rapids - Kennedy HS John HallMS OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Orchestra Iowa Symph School Karen LiedlOrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Linn-Mar - Excelsior MS Katie Vail Elem OrchEmily HalbrooksMonday
Burlington HSBurlingtonDiana Novak5-12 OrchEmily HalbrooksTuesday
Burlington - Edward Stone MSBurlingtonMildred (Millie) Comiskey Emily HalbrooksTuesday
Maharishi SchoolFairfieldSyndy CaseyOrchEmily HalbrooksTuesday
Ottumwa ElemOttumwaAngela WitzenburgElem OrchEmily HalbrooksTuesday
Ottumwa MS/HSOttumwaPatty BabbMS/HS OrchEmily HalbrooksTuesday
DecorahDecorahNicole James-CodyHS OrchEmily HalbrooksTuesday
DecorahDecorahJennifer LarsonElem/MS OrchEmily HalbrooksTuesday
Luther College DecorahDr. Daniel BaldwinSymp / Cham OrchEmily HalbrooksTuesday
St. Benedict School DecorahDana Holvesvik Emily HalbrooksTuesday
Mt. VernonMoun t VernonTabitha RasmussenHS OrchEmily HalbrooksWednesday
Dubuque - Jefferson MS Sara SuleckiMS OrchEmily HalbrooksWednesday
Dubuque - Hempstead HS Dave PattersonHS OrchEmily HalbrooksWednesday
Dubuque - Roosevelt MS Tracey RushMS OrchEmily HalbrooksWednesday
Dubuque - Carver ES Brianna TieskotterES OrchEmily HalbrooksWednesday
Dubuque - Washington MS Michelle Mentz Emily HalbrooksWednesday
Dubuque HS Ann DuchowHS OrchEmily HalbrooksWednesday
Equin Elem / Jr High SchoolCascadeKate ArnoldGen MusicEmily HalbrooksWednesday
Cornell CollegeCedar RapidsCathy SchonhorstFine Arts SecretaryEmily HalbrooksWednesday
Loras CollegeDubuqueGlenn Pohland Emily HalbrooksWednesday
Loras CollegeDubuqueBruce Kotowich Emily HalbrooksWednesday
North HS DavenportPaula HartmannorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Davenport North HS OrchDavenportMichelle OttesenorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Davenport - Williams IntermDavenportGail BlubaughorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Davenport Smart Interm OrchDavenportPaul Price-BrennerorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Walcott Intermediate OrchWalcottJulie WinceorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Davenport West HighDavenportCarlene Easley (Orch)orchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Sudlow IntermediateDavenportKristian SvennevigorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Wood IntermediateDavenportPaula HartmannorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Harrison Elem (Wood Int)DavenportKristine KendallorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
St. Ambrose UniversityDavenportWilliam CampbellorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Davenport Central High SchoolDavenportKevin PriceorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
JB Young IntermediateDavenportKristian SvennevigorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
North Scott HSEldridgeLinda HoppeOrchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Pleasant Valley HSBettendorfLauryn DeetsorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Pleasant Valley HSBettendorfSarah TinsmanorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Pleasant Valley JHBettendorfLauryn MarieorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Pleasant Valley OrchBettendorfRob SwinneyorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Bettendorf MSBettendorfRachel PalmerorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Bettendorf MSBettendorfDonna RodOrchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Bettendorf HSBettendorfMegan CooneyorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Edison JH (RI) and HSRock IslandMatt ManweilerorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Washington JH (RI)Rock IslandCris BraddyorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Washington JH (RI)Rock IslandMatt Manweilerorch Emily HalbrooksThursday
Washington JH (RI) Orch BuildingRock IslandMatt ManweilerorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Rock Island ElementaryRock IslandDebbie WegenerorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Moline - Coordinator Moline Angela Sheeseband/orchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Moline HSMoline Zack Mortonband/orchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Moline - Wilson MSMoline Todd Slothowerband/orchEmily HalbrooksThursday
John Deere MSMoline Chuck Comellaband/orchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Augustana CollegeRock IslandDaniel CulverorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Sterling HSSterling Erik ObergorchEmily HalbrooksThursday
Iowa City - North Central JRHS Mark AwadMS OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Iowa City - South East JRHSIowa CityGae Ellyn Gentzsch MS OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Iowa City - West HSIowa CityWayne ThelanderHS OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Iowa City - Longfellow ESIowa CityTascha KeettelElem OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Iowa City - Mann ESIowa CityLouise KloppElem OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Iowa City - WeberIowa CityKathryn Langguth Elem OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Iowa City - City HSIowa CityMegan StuckyHS OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Preucil SchoolIowa CitySonja Zeithamel Emily HalbrooksFriday
Iowa City - Northwest JRHSIowa CityStephanie DotzelMS OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Iowa City - Garner ElemIowa CityLauren Trolley Elem OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Iowa City - Horn ESIowa CityDon GentzschElem OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Regina MSIowa CityGreta ReynoldsElem OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Regina MSIowa CityDiane PlatteElem OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Willowwind SchoolIowa CityElise Duvall Emily HalbrooksFriday
Willowwind SchoolIowa CityKatherine Anderson Emily HalbrooksFriday
Central MSMuscatineKatie BurnesMS OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Muscatine HSMuscatineJonathan ThomaHS OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Muscatine - West MSMuscatineJessica BlanchardMS OrchEmily HalbrooksFriday
Louisa Muscatine Jr/Sr HS Mike Will6-12 BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Louisa Muscatine HS Lee Wolf7-12 ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Louisa Muscatine Elem Lori CarrollElem BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Wapello Micah Peck5-12 BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Wapello Monique Peck7-12 ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Wapello Molly PetersonElem MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Mediapolis HS Brian KlingHS BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Mediapolis HS Brad MillerMS BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Mediapolis HS Bill Reif7-12 ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Mediapolis Elementary Peggy AaomdtElem. MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington North Hill Elem Holly KauffmanElem BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Aldo Leopold MS Thomas RussellMS BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington HS Diana Novak5-12 OrchAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington HS Derrick MurphyHS BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington HS Tanya HenmanHS ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Aldo Leopold MS Rebecca EvansMS ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Aldo Leopold MS Millie ComiskyMS OrchAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Edward Stone MS Melissa CarperMS ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Edward Stone MS Nic AddeliaMS BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Elem Hannah MunfordElem MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Elem Mary BaumElem MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Elem Elizabeth FloresElem MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Municiple band Jim Priebe Alex BeamerTuesday
West Burlington HS Mark Eveleth 6-12 BandAlex BeamerTuesday
West Burlington HS Alice Cook6-12 VocalAlex BeamerTuesday
West Burlington Elementary Nancy VedderGen MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
West Burlington Elementary Carmen LachnittElem BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Notre Dame Amanda BrentVocal MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Notre Dame Scott TeaterBandAlex BeamerTuesday
Burlington Notre Dame Diane MahoneyGen MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Denmark Elem/Ft. Madison Pam Hayes Elem GMAlex BeamerTuesday
Ft Madison Lincoln Jessica Gates-LongElem MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Ft Madision MS Lisa KnipeMS BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Ft Madision MS Heather MadsenMS ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Ft Madison MS Vito BelardinelliElem BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Ft Madison - Richardson Jessica Gates-LongGen MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Ft Madison HS Tracy MadsenHS BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Ft Madison Andrew DollHS ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Holy Trinity HS Stewart BeyerChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Holy Trinity HS Emily Otte5-12 BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Holy Trinity Elem Julie VanceElem MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Keokuk HS Josh HetzelHS BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Keokuk HS Nick McGrawHS ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Keokuk MS Krystal BottorffMS BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Keokuk Elem Alex CoovertElem MusicAlex BeamerTuesday
Keokuk Elem Brooke SmithWashington ElemAlex BeamerTuesday
Central Lee HS Jason WoodleyChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Central Lee HS Rebecca Pfeiler5-12 BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Central Lee Elem Linda PieperElem ChoirAlex BeamerTuesday
Central Lee Schools Band Boosters Alex BeamerTuesday
Nauvoo - Colusa  BandAlex BeamerTuesday
Culver-Stockton Trent HollingerBandAlex BeamerTuesday
Kirksville Public Brad Hudson6-12 BandAlex BeamerWednesday
Kirksville Public Karen Harrison6-12 BandAlex BeamerWednesday
Kirksville Public Marilyn MotleyElem MusicAlex BeamerWednesday
Kirksville Public Rebecca Murphy6-12 ChoirAlex BeamerWednesday
Mary Immaculate Lynae McFarlandElemAlex BeamerWednesday
Truman State University Dan PetersonBandAlex BeamerWednesday
Truman State University Tim AuBuchonJazzAlex BeamerWednesday
Truman State University Jay BulenTrb/Dept.HeadAlex BeamerWednesday
Truman State University Mike BumpPercussionAlex BeamerWednesday
Truman State University Gregory JonesTrumpetAlex BeamerWednesday
Truman State University Brian KubinStringsAlex BeamerWednesday
Truman State University Sam McClureStringsAlex BeamerWednesday
Truman State University Patricia MickeyHornAlex BeamerWednesday
Truman State University Steven SewardTuba/EuphAlex BeamerWednesday
Life Church School Sandy Floydband & orchAlex BeamerWednesday
Adair Co R-1, Novinger Jamie Hicks5-12 BandAlex BeamerWednesday
Green City R-1 Glenn Palmer5-12 BandAlex BeamerWednesday
Green City R-1 Nancy ForquerElem MusicAlex BeamerWednesday
Milan C-2 Michelle Ferguson5-12 BandAlex BeamerWednesday
Milan C-2 Tim CasonElem MusicAlex BeamerWednesday
Putnam Co R-1, Unionville Ajia Whipp5-12 BandAlex BeamerWednesday
Putnam Co R-1, Unionville Glenda DiwiddieElem MusicAlex BeamerWednesday
Scotland Co R-1, Memphis Michael Fulk5-12 Band/ChoirAlex BeamerWednesday
Scotland Co R-1, Memphis Devon BreitlingElem MusicAlex BeamerWednesday
Schuyler Co R-1 Darla DixonGeneral MusicAlex BeamerWednesday
Schuyler Co R-1 Lakyn Baker5-12 BandAlex BeamerWednesday
Knox County/as needed Tony Webb5-12 BandAlex BeamerWednesday
HudsonHudsonBrad JensenbandJeff TaylorMonday
Gladbrook-Reinbeck HSReinbeckKeith ReynoldsbandJeff TaylorMonday
Gladbrook-Reinbeck MSGladbrookKeith ReynoldsbandJeff TaylorMonday
GMG ElemGreen MountainSheryl Mullikinband/choirJeff TaylorMonday
GMG MS/HSGarwinDan LastovkabandJeff TaylorMonday
North TamaTraerChanning HalsteadbandJeff TaylorMonday
North TamaTraerTerry ShayvocalJeff TaylorMonday
Union MS - DysartDysartLaurie RouttbandJeff TaylorMonday
Union HS/Elem - LaPorte CityLaPorte CityMike BistlinebandJeff TaylorMonday
Don Bosco MS/HSGilbertvilleMyron MikitabandJeff TaylorMonday
Jesup MS/HSJesupSara QuesnellbandJeff TaylorMonday
Jesup MS/HSJesupGina OstrandervocalJeff TaylorMonday
Jesup ElemJesup vocalJeff TaylorMonday
DunkertonDunkertonCarla RamseybandJeff TaylorMonday
Denver HS/MSDenverDan Cooper bandJeff TaylorTuesday
Denver DenverJaneece DownsVocal MusicJeff TaylorTuesday
Wapsie ValleyReadlynNikki DavisbandJeff TaylorTuesday
Wapsie ValleyFairbankErika VerburggeneralJeff TaylorTuesday
West CentralMaynardChelsea HillBandJeff TaylorTuesday
West CentralMaynardStacy FinkVocal MusicJeff TaylorTuesday
Oelwein HSOelweinCory McBridebandJeff TaylorTuesday
Oelwein MSOelweinMelissa FranzenbandJeff TaylorTuesday
Wings Park ElemOelweinMelissa FranzenbandJeff TaylorTuesday
Wings Park ElemOelweinTara BaumgartnerVocal MusicJeff TaylorTuesday
Starmont MS/HSStrawberry PtRobbie McIntyrebandJeff TaylorTuesday
Edgewood-ColesburgEdgewoodStephanie ReinertbandJeff TaylorTuesday
Central City HSCentral CityElise van HolsteijnHS BandJeff TaylorTuesday
Central City HSCentral CityJason LevenhagenHS VocalJeff TaylorTuesday
Central City HSCentral CityMatt WeisActivities DirectorJeff TaylorTuesday
Central City MSCentral CityElise van HolsteijnMS BandJeff TaylorTuesday
Central City ElemCentral CityElise van HolsteijnGen MusicJeff TaylorTuesday
North Linn - Walker ElemWalkerRebecca SentmanElem BandJeff TaylorTuesday
North Linn - Coggon ElemCoggonLynne RasmussenElem BandJeff TaylorTuesday
North Linn ElemWalkerRebecca SentmanK-5 musicJeff TaylorTuesday
North Linn HSTroy MillsLisa Caston Jeff TaylorTuesday
North Linn MS/HSTroy MillsAlexa GibbsHS BandJeff TaylorTuesday
East Buchanan HS/MSWinthropRon Landis5-12 BandJeff TaylorTuesday
East Buchanan - Central ElemWinthropThan Chesher Jeff TaylorTuesday
Waterloo Central MSWaterlooRachel LuedersbandJeff TaylorWednesday
Waterloo Hoover MSWaterlooKen HenzebandJeff TaylorWednesday
Waterloo Hoover MSWaterlooNaomi FeldmanbandJeff TaylorWednesday
Waterloo West HSWaterlooMichael ConradbandJeff TaylorWednesday
Waterloo West HSWaterlooDanny KleinheinzbandJeff TaylorWednesday
Waterloo East HSWaterlooJoelle SmithbandJeff TaylorWednesday
Bunger MSWaterlooSteve CittabandJeff TaylorWednesday
CF Lincoln ElemCedar FallsAnn ByersdorferbandJeff TaylorWednesday
CF Holmes JHCedar FallsLaura EngelhardtbandJeff TaylorWednesday
Cedar Falls HSCedar FallsGerald RamseybandJeff TaylorWednesday
Cedar Falls HSCedar FallsKyle EngelhardtbandJeff TaylorWednesday
CF Southdale ElemCedar FallsSteve MarkbandJeff TaylorWednesday
CF Peet JHCedar FallsBen ByersdorferbandJeff TaylorWednesday
CF Peet JHCedar FallsEric LinsbandJeff TaylorWednesday
ClarksvilleClarksvilleJohn SundetBandJeff TaylorThursday
ClarksvilleClarksvilleJill JohnsonVocal MusicJeff TaylorThursday
North Butler HSGreeneBeth TrulsonbandJeff TaylorThursday
North Butler MSAllisonBeth TrulsonbandJeff TaylorThursday
Hampton - Dumont Elem GenHamptonSavannah VeenstraVocal MusicJeff TaylorThursday
Hampton - Dumont HSHamptonSara PecinovskyBandJeff TaylorThursday
Hampton - Dumont MSHamptonJoan PhilgreenBandJeff TaylorThursday
Iowa Falls HSIowa FallsMary Jean NederhoffBandJeff TaylorThursday
Iowa Falls MSIowa FallsJeff SchmittBandJeff TaylorThursday
Rock Run ElemIowa FallsJeff SchmittBandJeff TaylorThursday
AGWSR High SchoolAckleyTyler WinkeyBandJeff TaylorThursday
AGWSR Middle SchoolWellsbergAmanda LeeBandJeff TaylorThursday
Grundy Center HS/MSGrundy CenterAndrew VanHoorewehgeBandJeff TaylorThursday
Grundy Center ElemGrundy CenterBev DirksgeneralJeff TaylorThursday
Dike-New Hartford HSDikeKatie SlackbandJeff TaylorFriday
Aplington-Parkersburg HSParkersburgThom MahlerbandJeff TaylorFriday
Aplington-Parkersburg MSAplingtonTyler WinkeybandJeff TaylorFriday
Dike-New Hartford MSNew HartfordKatie SlackbandJeff TaylorFriday
Waverly / Shell Rock MS 5-6WaverlyStaci SpeerbandJeff TaylorFriday
Waverly / Shell Rock MS 7-8WaverlyDenise GraettingerbandJeff TaylorFriday
Waverly / Shell Rock HSWaverlyJim VowelsbandJeff TaylorFriday
Wartburg CollegeWaverlyEric WachmanbandJeff TaylorFriday
Wartburg CollegeWaverlyScott MunteferingbandJeff TaylorFriday
Wartburg CollegeWaverlyCraig HancockbandJeff TaylorFriday
Janesville JanesvilleKatie LimyaobandJeff TaylorFriday
UNICedar FallsJohn Vallentine, Director Jeff TaylorAs Needed
Bunger MSWaterlooHeather KnightOrchSophie MichalicekThursday
Central MSWaterlooMary Jo MallonOrchSophie MichalicekThursday
Hoover MSWaterlooPam Meier-KrausOrchSophie MichalicekThursday
Carver MSWaterlooAshton Reams BandSophie MichalicekThursday
Carver MSWaterlooBrenda LiddleOrchSophie MichalicekThursday
Cedar Valley CatholicWaterlooJordan SadeckiBandSophie MichalicekThursday
Blessed Maria Assunta PallotaWaterloo  Sophie MichalicekThursday
Blessed Sacrament SchoolWaterloo  Sophie MichalicekThursday
Waterloo ChristianWaterlooBruce NelsonBandSophie MichalicekThursday
Saint Patrick CatholicCedar FallsDennis SmithBandSophie MichalicekThursday
Becker ElemWaterlooRyan HanesGen MusicSophie MichalicekThursday
Highland ElemWaterlooTim PurdumGen MusicSophie MichalicekThursday
Irving ElemWaterlooCrystal WaltzGen MusicSophie MichalicekThursday
Kingsley ElemWaterlooDJ HeertsGen MusicSophie MichalicekThursday
Lowell ElemWaterlooAdria HilemanGen MusicSophie MichalicekThursday
Lincoln ElemWaterlooKari Jo RudenGen MusicSophie MichalicekThursday
Orange ElemWaterlooNancy StandaferGen MusicSophie MichalicekThursday
Kittrell ElemWaterlooKatie RatheGen MusicSophie MichalicekThursday
Lou Henry ElemWaterlooMartha KroeseGen MusicSophie MichalicekThursday
Sacred Heart   Sophie MichalicekAs Needed
St Edwards   Sophie MichalicekAs Needed
Howard - WinneshiekCrescoJason DobbsMS/HS BandJim KephartMonday
Howard - WinneshiekCrescoPolly JonesElem. BamdJim KephartMonday
RicevilleRicevilleAmanda DwineInstr. / VocalJim KephartMonday
Charles City HSCharles CityJacob GassmanH.S. BandJim KephartMonday
Charles City HSCharles CitySue DavisH.S. VocalJim KephartMonday
Charles City MS/HSCharles CityNancy WesternOrchestraJim KephartMonday
Charles CityCharles CityRenee BossElem./MS BandJim KephartMonday
Nashua-PlainfieldNashuaScott StroudMS/HS BandJim KephartMonday
Nashua-PlainfieldNashuaMelanie JohanningmeierVocal MusicJim KephartMonday
Nashua-PlainfieldPlainfieldTracy McGregorElem. BandJim KephartMonday
ClarksvilleClarksvilleJohn SundetBandJim KephartMonday
ClarksvilleClarksvilleJill JohnsonVocal MusicJim KephartMonday
TripoliTripoliDenise LawrenceBandJim KephartMonday
TripoliTripoliBetty ZenkElem Band / MusicJim KephartMonday
TripoliTripoliCassidy Benschorer Jim KephartMonday
Sumner-FredericksburgSumnerJames WrightHS / Elem BandJim KephartMonday
Sumner-FredericksburgSumnerNoell ReyoldsVocal MusicJim KephartMonday
Sumner-Fredericksburg MSSumnerRandy JohnsonMS/HS BandJim KephartMonday
New HamptonNew HamptonJustin AdamHS BandJim KephartMonday
New HamptonNew HamptonJenny PetersElem/MS BandJim KephartMonday
New HamptonNew HamptonJill IrvinHS VocalJim KephartMonday
Turkey ValleyJackson JunctionJacob BohlkenBandJim KephartMonday
Turkey ValleyJackson JunctionKaren SuddendorfElem Band/Gen MusicJim KephartMonday
Turkey ValleyJackson JunctionRoger PollackVocal MusicJim KephartMonday
South WinneshiekCalmarNathan MillerHS BandJim KephartTuesday
South WinneshiekCalmarConnie McKeeVocal MusicJim KephartTuesday
South WinneshiekOssianNathan MillerMS BandJim KephartTuesday
North Fayette ValleyWest UnionTed SchachererHS BandJim KephartTuesday
North Fayette ValleyWest UnionDoug PoppenHS VocalJim KephartTuesday
North Fayette Valley HSFayetteJanet HelgersonMS/HS BandJim KephartTuesday
North Fayette ValleyElginLinda JohansenMS BandJim KephartTuesday
North Fayette ValleyElginSusan BrackettElem BandJim KephartTuesday
Central CommElkaderBrittany BarnardBandJim KephartTuesday
Central CommElkaderAnne FrantaVocalJim KephartTuesday
Clayton RidgeGuttenbergJeremy IdlerBandJim KephartTuesday
Clayton RidgeGuttenbergAdam RadcliffeVocalJim KephartTuesday
Clayton RidgeGuttenberg  Jim KephartTuesday
St. Mary'sGuttenbergMichelle JannetteElem BandJim KephartTuesday
MFL-MarmacMononaChristina HarbaughHS BandJim KephartTuesday
MFL-MarmacMononaMichelle HontzGen MusicJim KephartTuesday
MFL-MarmacMononaJaydeane BernsVocal MusicJim KephartTuesday
MFL-MarmacMononaBarbara RuffVocal MusicJim KephartTuesday
MFL-MarmacMcGregorSusan KuenzelElem BandJim KephartTuesday
PostvillePostvilleShauna JohnsenBandJim KephartTuesday
Prairie du ChienPrairie du ChienMatt LenzHS / MS BandJim KephartWednesday
Prairie du ChienPrairie du ChienStuart Slaman6 Band / Gen MusicJim KephartWednesday
Prairie du ChienPrairie du ChienDiane MalcomMusicJim KephartWednesday
Prairie du ChienPrairie du ChienJody SturmerVocal / Gen MusicJim KephartWednesday
Prairie du ChienPrairie du ChienPhil StiemerHS VocalJim KephartWednesday
Wauzeka-SteubenWauzekaJason TroxelHS / MS Band / VocalJim KephartWednesday
BoscobelBoscobelTammy ClauerHS / MS BandJim KephartWednesday
BoscobelBoscobelPatricia SiemensVocal / Gen MusicJim KephartWednesday
BoscobelBoscobelRhonda ZartHS VocalJim KephartWednesday
RiverdaleMucodaChris SimonsonHS / MS Band / ElemJim KephartWednesday
RiverdaleMucodaPeter PutzHS / MS VocalJim KephartWednesday
HighlandHighlandPeg McCarthyVocal / Gen MusicJim KephartWednesday
HighlandHighlandMelissa StrakaBandJim KephartWednesday
Richland Center HSRichland CenterJeff BehrensHS BandJim KephartWednesday
Richland Center HSRichland CenterPam KintzHS / MS VocalJim KephartWednesday
Richland Center MSRichland CenterKami Clary6th Band / Gen MusicJim KephartWednesday
Richland Center MSRichland CenterPam Peterson-Kintz7th / 8th BandJim KephartWednesday
Richland Center ElemRichland CenterTami FossumElem MusicJim KephartWednesday
North CrawfordSoldiers GroveHolly Roth5-12 BandJim KephartWednesday
North CrawfordSoldiers GrovePaul CotaVocal / Gen MusicJim KephartWednesday
SenecaSenecaChristy AndersonHS / MS Band / VocalJim KephartWednesday
SenecaSenecaLaura MackeyElem MusicJim KephartWednesday
De SotoDe SotoMark ArnesonHS / MS BandJim KephartWednesday
De SotoDe SotoCraig PierceHS / MS VocalJim KephartWednesday
De SotoDe SotoMelissa GrafElem MusicJim KephartWednesday
AllamakeeWaukonJoann ShermanHS/Elem BandJim KephartThursday
AllamakeeWaukonFrank KnollMS BandJim KephartThursday
AllamakeeWaukonAdrienne GerstVocalJim KephartThursday
AllamakeeWaukonBill FordiceVocalJim KephartThursday
Eastern AllamakeeLansing  Jim KephartThursday
Eastern AllamakeeLansingJolie WileyVocalJim KephartThursday
Eastern Allamakee - Albin ElemAlbinJustin SchwakeBandJim KephartThursday
Spring Grove - MNSpring GroveAndrea BrownleeBandJim KephartThursday
Mabel - Canton - MNMabelKatie LarsonBandJim KephartThursday
Mabel - Canton - MNMabelHeidi Myhre Jim KephartThursday
Rushford - PetersonRushfordBurton SvendsenBandJim KephartThursday
Fillmore CentralHarmonyLane PowellHS BandJim KephartThursday
Fillmore CentralHarmonySara HoltenVocalJim KephartThursday
Fillmore CentralHarmonyJessica PowellMS/Elem BandJim KephartThursday
Fillmore Central MSPrestonAngie SimonMS/Elem BandJim KephartThursday
West CentralMaynardChelsea HillBandJim KephartThursday
West CentralMaynardStacy FinkVocal MusicJim KephartThursday
Ellis MSAustinNino TararaMS BandJim KephartThursday
Ellis MSAustinDeb LinnesMS OrchJim KephartThursday
Ellis MSAustinMaria WilsonMS VocalJim KephartThursday
Austin HSAustinBradley MariskaHS Band Jim KephartThursday
Austin HSAustinGene SchottHS OrchJim KephartThursday
IJ HoltonAustinBrenda RadloffElem OrchJim KephartThursday
IJ HoltonAustinTim DavisElem BandJim KephartThursday
OsageOsageJeff KirkpatrickHS BandJim KephartThursday
OsageOsageLaurie HoeppnerMS Band / VocalJim KephartThursday
DecorahDecorahDustin BlivenHS BandJim KephartFriday
Decorah - Cline ElemDecorahDustin BlivenMS BandJim KephartFriday
Decorah - MSDecorahDean BeckmanMS BandJim KephartFriday
DecorahDecorahEmily HahnElem BandJim KephartFriday
DecorahDecorahNicole James-CodyHS OrchJim KephartFriday
DecorahDecorahJennifer LarsonElem/MS OrchJim KephartFriday
DecorahDecorahJason RauschHS VocalJim KephartFriday
Decorah Music BoostersDecorahLiz Fritz Jim KephartFriday
North WinneshiekDecorahAlex GislesonBandJim KephartFriday
Luther College DecorahJon AilabouniVarsity / Jazz BandJim KephartFriday
Luther College DecorahDr. Daniel BaldwinSymp / Cham OrchJim KephartFriday
Luther College DecorahDr. Michael ChesherClar/Sax/WW MethodsJim KephartFriday
Luther College DecorahDr. John CordBrass Methods / EnsemJim KephartFriday
Luther College DecorahDr. Joan deAlbuquerqueDirector of BandsJim KephartFriday
Luther College DecorahDr. Allen Hightower IIIMusic Ed / Jazz OrchJim KephartFriday
Luther College DecorahJuan Tony GuzmanMusic Ed / Jazz OrchJim KephartFriday
Luther College DecorahDr. Michael SmithDirector of ChoralJim KephartFriday
Luther College DecorahDr. John CordLow Brass / Brass Ens/MethodsJim KephartFriday
Luther Book Shop DecorahConnie Jim KephartFriday
St. Benedict School DecorahDana Holvesvik Jim KephartFriday
River Valley HSSpring GreenRebecca SchinkerHS VocalJim KephartAs Needed
River Valley HSSpring GreenMatt SnowHS BandJim KephartAs Needed
River Valley MSSpring GreenNick EhlingerMS Vocal / Gen MusicJim KephartAs Needed
River Valley MSSpring GreenTony CavagnettoMS BandJim KephartAs Needed
River Valley ElemSpring GreenAlyssa BrewerElem MusicJim KephartAs Needed
LanesboroLanesburoSharon BoyumVocal / Gen MusicJim KephartAs Needed
LanesboroLanesburoKatrina Schuneman5-12 BandJim KephartAs Needed
KingslandSpring ValleyElliott GrandallHS / MS Vocal - MS BandJim KephartAs Needed
KingslandSpring ValleyJoshua HogbergHS Band / 5th Band / MusicJim KephartAs Needed
Grand MeadowGrand MeadowBrittney GabrielsonHS / MS BandJim KephartAs Needed
Grand MeadowGrand MeadowJanet MoeHS / MS VocalJim KephartAs Needed
Leroy-OstranderLeroyMegan LynchBand / Vocal / Gen MusicJim KephartAs Needed
Southland - AdamsAdamsAmalie NiethammerHS / MS BandJim KephartAs Needed
Southland - AdamsAdamsJenna SteinkampHS / MS VocalJim KephartAs Needed
Southland - ElemRose Creek  Jim KephartAs Needed
Sacred Heart SchoolAdamsJenna SteinkampElem / MS BandJim KephartAs Needed
Northwood - KensettNorthwoodKrista Reeder5-12 BandJim KephartAs Needed
Northwood - KensettNorthwoodNikkole KoenigVocal MusicJim KephartAs Needed
Central SpringsManlyCole YoungerHS BandJim KephartAs Needed
Central SpringsManlySusan CarrottHS VocalJim KephartAs Needed
Central SpringsNora SpringsLorraine Mix5-6 BandJim KephartAs Needed
Central SpringsNora SpringsSteph ProhaskiMusicJim KephartAs Needed
St. AnsgarSt. AnsgarAnna Scott5-12 BandJim KephartAs Needed
St. AnsgarSt. AnsgarZach Carlson HS / MS VocalJim KephartAs Needed
Edgeswood Colesberg - Ed CoColesburg  Jim KephartAs Needed
Waunakee - GuttenbergWaunakee  Jim KephartAs Needed
GarnavilloGarnavillo  Jim KephartAs Needed
Valley CEW (Elgin)ElginSusan BrackettMS BandJim KephartTuesday
Nora Springs - Rock FallsNora Springs  Jim KephartAs Needed
PrestonPrestonAngie Simon Jim KephartAs Needed
River RidgePatch GroveEllen MartinVocal / Gen MusicShane LenaneWednesday
River RidgePatch GroveJustin Riley5-12 Band / Elem MusicShane LenaneWednesday
River RidgePatch GroveJoseph Lasko Shane LenaneWednesday
FennimoreFennimoreLarry AlbrechtHS / MS BandShane LenaneWednesday
FennimoreFennimoreJoy ScheweElem MusicShane LenaneWednesday
Dodgeville HSDodgevilleMark RathmunHS BandShane LenaneWednesday
Dodgeville HSDodgevilleTamra NovinskaHS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
Dodgeville HSDodgevilleTamra NovinskaMS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
Dodgeville MSDodgevilleTerri EllisMS Band / Gen MusicShane LenaneWednesday
Dodgeville MSDodgevilleMark RathmunMS OrchShane LenaneWednesday
Dodgeville ElemDodgevilleDan HemmingGen MusicShane LenaneWednesday
Ridgeway ElemRidgewaySusan JorenbyGen Music / 4 gr OrchShane LenaneWednesday
Mineral PointMineral PointMatt NeversHS BandShane LenaneWednesday
Mineral PointMineral PointKevin CooleyHS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
Mineral PointMineral PointLuke TredinnickMS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
Mineral PointMineral PointDavid JeffreyElem MusicShane LenaneWednesday
Iowa GrantLivingstonHeather GileHS BandShane LenaneWednesday
Iowa GrantLivingstonLyssa StolteHS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
Iowa GrantLivingstonKatie WanieMS BandShane LenaneWednesday
Iowa GrantLivingstonLyssa StolteMS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
Iowa Grant LivingstonHeather GileElem MusicShane LenaneWednesday
Platteville HSPlattevilleNancy FairchildHS BandShane LenaneWednesday
Platteville HSPlattevilleOwen StrizicHS OrchShane LenaneWednesday
Platteville HSPlattevilleAmelia ArmstrongHS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
Platteville MSPlattevilleBill SeftonMS BandShane LenaneWednesday
Platteville HSPlattevilleOwen StrizicMS OrchShane LenaneWednesday
Platteville MSPlattevilleMarcia RussellMS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
Platteville ElemPlattevilleLuanne RogersElem MusicShane LenaneWednesday
LancasterLancasterAshley MillerMS BandShane LenaneWednesday
LancasterLancasterRebekah VogelsbergHS BandShane LenaneWednesday
LancasterLancasterDave MurphyHS / MS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
LancasterLancasterNmonte Muller Shane LenaneWednesday
LancasterLancasterRob Shepherd Shane LenaneWednesday
CassvilleCasvilleDoug GileHS / MS BandShane LenaneWednesday
CassvilleCasvilleMax McNettHS / MS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
PotosiPotosiAaron CooleyBandShane LenaneWednesday
PotosiPotosiRoxanne RollefsonGeneral MusicShane LenaneWednesday
BelmontBelmontBrian LehnherrHS/MS BandShane LenaneWednesday
BelmontBelmontRochelle EdgeHS/MS VocalShane LenaneWednesday
Blackhawk HSSouth WayneDon FultonHS/MS BandShane LenaneThursday
Blackhawk MSGratiotDon Fulton Shane LenaneThursday
E. Dubuque JH / HS Kim Mulgrew Shane LenaneThursday
E. Dubuque JH / HS Meredith McnaughtHS/MS Gen MusicShane LenaneThursday
E. Dubuque JH / HS Mary FlynnHS/MS BandShane LenaneThursday
Sisters of Charity BVMDubuqueJane Schreiber (purchaser) Shane LenaneThursday
Benton SchoolBentonEric AmwegBand / VocalShane LenaneThursday
Benton SchoolBentonRochelle Rochelle Shane LenaneThursday
Shullsburg - HSShullsburgDana BendorfBandShane LenaneThursday
Shullsburg - HSShullsburgKelsey DussVocal MusicShane LenaneThursday
Shullsburg - ElemShullsburgDana BendorfBandShane LenaneThursday
Shullsburg - ElemShullsburgKelsey DussVocal MusicShane LenaneThursday
ShullsburgShullsburgDana Wiegel Shane LenaneThursday
Warren HSWarrenSue KraheBandShane LenaneThursday
Warren HSWarrenSusan BourquinVocal MusicShane LenaneThursday
Monroe HSMonroe  Shane LenaneThursday
MonroeMonroe  Shane LenaneThursday
Monroe Municiple BandMonroeRandy Schneeberger Shane LenaneThursday
Monroe MSMonroeIngerid Kvam Shane LenaneThursday
Monroe MSMonroeBrian BruggemanMS BandShane LenaneThursday
Parkside ElemMonroeJill LeuzingerGen MusicShane LenaneThursday
Abraham LincolnMonroeMegan HoinackiGen MusicShane LenaneThursday
Northside ElemMonroeSarah BodellGen MusicShane LenaneThursday
Argyle School DistrictArgyleKim Haynes Shane LenaneThursday
Darlington MSDarlingtonJohn BauschMS BandShane LenaneThursday
Darlington HSDarlingtonKim HayesHS BandShane LenaneThursday
Darlington HSDarlingtonTodd Richmond Shane LenaneThursday
Darlington MSDarlingtonTina SchliemMS Vocal/Gen MusicShane LenaneThursday
Stockton HSStocktonLori DittmarHS BandShane LenaneThursday
Stockton MSStocktonLana CrandallGen MusicShane LenaneThursday
Stockton ElemStockton  Shane LenaneThursday
Scales MoundScales Mound Elem VocalShane LenaneThursday
Scales MoundScales MoundKrista WilhelmBand/VocalShane LenaneThursday
Lena-Winslow HSLenaScott Stich Shane LenaneThursday

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