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Brass Instrument Repair Services at West Music

Chemical Flush*

  • The slides are pulled and the instrument is inspected for foreign objects in the tubing.
  • The instrument is cleaned and sanitized.
  • Any loose braces are soldered at additional charge.
  • Any felts, corks, water key corks or faulty springs are replaced.
  • The mouthpiece is polished and the shank tip is rounded out (true). Stuck mouthpieces are pulled.
  • All slides are cleaned; corrosion is removed and then lubricated. Aligned and the instrument is assembled and tested.
  • Pistons and rotors are checked for proper fit and operation. Necessary adjustments are made and rotors are re-strung.
Trumpet $60 French Horn, Single $85
Cornet $60 French Horn, Double $97
Fluegelhorn $60 Sousaphone $95
Trombone $60 3 Valve Tuba $90
Trombone, Single rotor $65 4 Valve Tuba $105
Trombone, Double rotor $85 Mellophone $70
Baritone, 3-valve $70 Marching French Horn $70
Baritone, 4-valve $80 Mellobone $70
Euphonium $80 4 Valve Rotor $125
Texas Flush $50/hr  

Other Repairs*

Stuck mouthpiece No charge  
Stuck Slide $12.00 each Includes removing stuck slides from instrument, clean and lubricate
Frozen Slide $25.00 each Includes unsoldering of slide and extraction of inside slide tubes. Includes chemical cleaning of slide
Soft Solder Joints $20.00 each  
Silver Solder Joints $20.00 each  
French Horn rotors $20.00 each Clean, adjust, oil and restring (no flush)
Replace water key springs $3.00 each Included with PC
Replace water key corks $1.25 each Included with PC
Polish Silver Trumpet/Trombone $30.00 Only with flush. Includes hand rag of all inter-slide tubes.
Polish Silver Baritone $77.00 Only with flush. Includes hand rag of all inter-slide tubes.
Polish Silver Tuba $115.00 Only with flush. Includes hand rag of all inter-slide tubes.

By Quote Only

Dent work
Trombone slide repair
Straighten bent pistons, casings and rotors
Adjust rotors for side and endplay
Align bent body, bell or tubing
Case Repair

* These prices are average estimates only. Exact estimates will be provided upon inspection of the instrument. Estimates available at no charge.

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