The West Music Conservatory has a musical summer for you!

Summer is here, and we've got a great lineup of camps, classes and workshops planned! As students take a summer break from school it's a great time to pick up a new instrument or keep playing the one they already have. West Music has a variety of classes, camps, and activities to keep the music going all summer long.

Click on your nearest West Music location below to discover what we have in store for you this summer. We have classes, lessons, workshops and activities for music enthusiasts of all ages and abilities!

Summer Fun in Cedar Falls

Summer Fun in Cedar Rapids/Marion

Summer Fun in Coralville

Summer Fun in Ottumwa

Summer Fun in Quad Cities/Moline

Join us on the West Music Summer Road Trip!

Our new summer program is designed to keep students playing all summer long with a variety of activities and rewards! It’s easy to play and helps parents encourage their children to practice during the summer months when they are out of school. Parents sign off as their student completes a task on the game board, which moves them down the road and closer to the next prize. Students who complete the entire road trip will be invited to a special event at the end of the summer and be recognized for their accomplishment.

Prizes include:

  • Free Hardee’s French Fries
  • Your Pick Of A Mystery Prize
  • Alfred Shoulder Bag or Presonus Studio One Free Software Download
  • Ice Cream Social
  • $10 West Music Gift Certificate

Gameboards are available now at any of our retail stores. Stop in and pick one up to keep the music going all summer long!