1, 2, Let's All Groove!


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1,2, Let's All Groove!
Using Drumming and Rhythm to Enhance Learning
By K. Solomon Masala
188 pages
Ages 4 - 13+

5/24/2017: Mr. Masala has alerted us that there was a massive break in his website back end and he almost lost all the years of data and resources. He has sent us an updated link to the online materials. If you had purchased this book prior to 5/24/2017 and are unable to access his site, please contact us and we will make sure you get the new site information

Founder, co-director and managing principal of Source Consulting Group, K. Solomon Masala is well known for his unique contributions to the field of human development. In his work as a national organizational development consultant, an educator, and youth development consultant, Solomon blends innovative, interactive, kinesthetic processes that guide participants to the deep experience of “learning-that-lasts.”

1, 2, Let’s All Groove! is a resource guide to interactive group drumming and rhythmic activities. Learn to use rhythm and drumming as a tool to enhance academic and social-emotional development. No prior musical experience required!  It details the theory behind using rhythm in education, uses box notation, and connects national learning standards to the activities.

Introduction to the Groove
Part 1: Science and Tools
Chapter 1: Learning Standards and Theory

Part 2: Activities and Rhythms
Chapter 2: Getting Ready to Groove Your Groove
Chapter 3: Activities, Kinesthetic Songs, Percussion Activities
Chapter 4: Jam Facilitation, Jam Games
Chapter 5: Djembe Lesson
Chapter 6: Rhythms and Breaks
Chapter 7: Box Notation
Chapter 8: Western Notation

Part 3: Resources
Chapter 9: The Tools: Drums and Percussion for Your Kit
Chapter 10: Musical Resources, Books and DVDs, Web Resources



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