185 Unison Pentatonic Exercises


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185 Unison Pentatonic Exercises
First Steps in Sight-Singing According
to the Kodály Concept
By Denise Bacon

Beginning with just So and Mi, this edition gradually progresses to full pentatonic by first adding La, then Do, etc. It offers the same185 exercises in both sol-fa (stick) and standard staff notation. For the most part, the easy keys of C, F, G pentatonic and their minor tonalities have been chosen to give fluency in letter names. The exercises are purposely short and restricted to the pentatonic scale because correct intonation can better be achieved if semitones are postponed until whole tone intervals are sung with sufficient assurance and accuracy. This volume is intended for early steps in sight- singing at any age level, child or adult. The book's overall purpose is to develop sight- singing skill and to build secure intonation by use of short, easily mastered exercises, which will give an increasing sense of accomplishment. The exercises are organized first melodically, then rhythmically.


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