46 Two Part American Songs


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46 Two-Part American Folk Songs
By Denise Bacon

Zoltán Kodály, whose achievement in raising the musical literacy and taste of the children in his native country of Hungary is well known, said that children can best learn to sing in tune through two-part unaccompanied singing. This was to be begun at a very early age, possibly even first grade.

This collection is offered in the hope of developing children's taste for a cappella singing. Even the simplest songs are challenging. They are intended for classroom use, but can also be used for elementary choruses.

Aunt Rhody
Bye, Baby Bunting
Bye, Bye Baby
Christ Was Born
Cotton Eye Joe (two versions)
Cradle Hymn
The Deaf Woman's Courtship
Deedle, Deedle Dumpling
Do, Do, Pity My Case
Down in the Meadow
Goodbye Girls, I'm Going to Boston
Grandma Grunts
Hold My Mule
Hush Little Minnie
Ida Red
I'm Goin' Home on a Cloud
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
Mama, Buy Me a Chiney Doll
Mary Had a Baby
May Day Carol
Most Done Ling'ring Here
My Good Old Man
My Horses Ain't Hungry
My Old Hen
My Paddle
Old Chisolm Trail
Old Joe Clarke



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