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Activities for Bands, Choirs, and Orchestras
By Phyllis Weikart, Beverly Boardman, & Elisabeth Bryant
Book and CD  
187 pages
Grades 4-12

A resource of short, movement-based rehearsal warm-ups for conductors and directors of a variety of vocal and instrumental ensembles from upper elementary choirs, Orff ensembles, and beginning bands to middle school and high school choirs, orchestras, and bands. These activity start-ups will result in more productive rehearsals as students become engaged in exploring,sharing, discussing, and discovering the information necessary to be self-directed musicians. Abstract music concepts become more concrete.

All ideas in the book can be simplified or extended to meet the needs of both experienced and inexperienced groups. Each activity plan gives the possible key experiences, materials needed, extension ideas, related warm-ups, and teaching tips: Check for Understanding, Experience the Concept, Facilitate & Reflect, and Apply to Ensemble/ Repertoire. The included CD contains recordings that may be used with many of the activities from this book. 

Foreword; Acknowledgements: Introduction  

A Movement-Based Active Learning Process: High/Scope's Key Experiences in Movement & Music, The Movement Core, The Teaching Model (3 components: separate, simplify, facilitate), Active Learning Support Strategies, Summary.

Steady Beat: Warm-Ups 1-16: Starting & Stopping Together, Developing Steady Beat Independence, Synchronizing Ensemble Beat, Understanding Macrobeat and Microbeat, Applying Macrobeat and Microbeat Knowledge, Working with Macrobeat and Microbeat Through Chair Dancing, Using the Macrobeat to Prevent Rushing, Feeling Accented Offbeats, Performing Entrances in Time, Understanding the Organization of Duple Meter, Understanding the Organization of Triple Meter, Feeling and Identifying Duple Meter Versus Triple Meter, Beginning Uncommon Meter, Understanding Simple Meter Versus Compound Meter, Exploring Conducting Movements, Working with Conducting Patterns.

Rhythm: Objective; Warm-Ups 17-29: Performing Long and Short Sounds, Using Creative Rhythmic Notation, Understanding Note Division Versus Note Duration, Understanding Note Value Relationships, Feeling & Performing Sustained Notes, Layering Rhythm Over Steady Beat, Developing Rhythmic Independence, Exploring Subdivision, Grouping Subdivisions of the Beat, Working with Duple/ Triple Subdivision of Steady Beat, Working with Uncommon Meters Through Subdivision, Feeling Even Rhythm Versus Uneven Rhythm, Feeling Swing Rhythm Versus Straight Rhythm.

Pitch and Melody: Objective; Warm-Ups 30-41: Identifying High and Low Pitches, Matching Pitch, Improving Intonation, Using Creative Melodic Notation, Locating Lines and Spaces on the Staff, Recognizing Note Direction on the Staff, Locating Pitches on the Staff, Working with the Musical Alphabet, Improving the Flow of Note Reading, Exploring Aspects of Melody, Understanding Whole and Half Steps, Recognizing Melody Versus Accompaniment. 

Harmony: Objective; Warm-Ups 42-45: Beginning I-V Bass Notes, Beginning I-IV-V Bass Notes, Beginning 4-Bar Chord Progressions, Understanding the 12-Bar Blues.

Phrase: Objective; Warm-Ups 46-53: Feeling and Identifying Phrases, Working with Phrase, Understanding the Relationship Between Beat and Phrase, Driving the Phrase Rhythmically, "Breathing" Life into Phrase, Working with Breathing Techniques, Sculpting Phrases, Recognizing Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Phrases.

Form: Objective; Warm-Ups 54-59: Discovering Patterns, Exploring Ostinato, Understanding AB Form, Understanding Rondo Form, Creating Canons, Understanding Theme and Variations.

Expressive Qualities: Objective; Warm-Ups 60-75: Working with Loud and Soft, Understanding Dynamics, Exploring and Understanding Tempo Markings, Understanding Accelerando and Ritardando, Strategies for Increasing Tempo, Strategies for Decreasing Tempo, Feeling Rubato, Improving Instrumental Articulation, Improving Vocal Articulation, Understanding Staccato and Legato, Achieving Ensemble Balance, Exploring Tone Qualities, Reacting to Major and Minor Tonalities, Understanding the Emotional Qualities of Music, Working Together As an Ensemble, Exploring Vocal Shapes and Sounds.

Glossary; References; Alphabetical Index of Warm-Ups; Musical Selections Provided with This Book.

CD contents: Al Gemali, Alley Cat, Corrido, Danish Masquerade, Debka Chag, Debka Le Adama, D'Hammerschmiedsg'sell'n, Fjaskern, Hole in the Wall, Hora Hassidit, Irish Washerwoman, Ivanica, Jessie Polka, Krici Krici Ticek, Mechol Hagat, Mindrele,Rebetic Hasapikos, Sauerlander Quadrille #5, Sulam Ya'akov, Tipsy, Trata, Tsamikos, Yankee Doodle.


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