85 Engaging Movement Activities


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85 Engaging Movement Activities
Learning on the Move series
By Phyllis Weikart and Elizabeth Carlton
Book and CD
206 pages
Grades K-6

An activity supplement to the Teaching Movement & Dance book (item #825653 available separately). Many of the activities were originally part of a previous publication, Foundations in Elementary Education: Movement. They have been revised and new activities have been added. The book is a rich source of ideas for challenging and enjoyable movement experiences. The experiences are planned around key curriculum concepts in movement and music as well as in academic curriculum areas such as math and reading.

Each activity gives an easy-to-follow lesson plan with the suggested level (adaptable for many age groups), key experiences in movement and music, curriculum concepts, materials needed including suggested music selections when applicable, steps for doing each part of the activity, questions for extending children's understanding, and extension ideas for creative variations. A wonderful resource for classroom teachers and specialty teachers in PE, music, and recreation.

The included CD contains recordings that may be used with many of the activities in the book.

Preface; A Movement-Based Active Learning Process; Introduction to the Activities  

Kindergarten & Above: Creativity with Scarves, Explore That Sound, Low or High, Musical Houses, Names in Beat, Stop Sign, Traveling Pathways Between Objects, Attributes of Shapes, Listening & Identifying, Lively Levels, Planning to Step, 7 Jumps, People in Our Town, Understanding Spatial Concepts, Who's Driving, Simon Says Variation, We Keep the Beat Together

Grade 1 & Above: Is the Pattern Even or Uneven, Statue Clones, Matching Stick-Figure Poses, Action Words, Different Shape - Different Movement, Combining Words, Statues That Change, Beat Echo, Echo Sequence, Extending Our Movements, Making Pathways in the Air, Is It Macro beat or Micro beat, Puppets, Pushing Up, Recalling the Past, Stop & Balance, Trains, Traveling Pathways Without Objects, Who Matches Me, Numbers & Statue Shapes, How Many Points of Contact, Beat-Keeping with Mallets, Creating Designs, Creative Paper Plates, Estimating Distance & Time, Spelling Song

Grade 2 & Above: From Back to Front, Hearing & Responding, Mirroring, Moves to Remember, Moving to a Rhyme, Plate Dancing, Passing Game Lead-Up, Plate Aerobics, Robots, Same & Different, Sounds, What Else Do You See

Grade 3 & Above: Flipping Sticks, Greater or Lesser Numbers, Human Clock, Matching Statues, The Sum Moves Like This, Aerobic Integration, Combining Beat & Rhythm, Combining Sequences, Echo Canon, Hand-Jives, Hand-to-Hand Passing, Integrated Movement Copycat, Integrated Sequences, The Moving Circle, Reverse That Image, What Beat Shall We Use, Adding Arms to the Dance, Conducting & Walking, Grand March, Identifying Angles, Machines That Work, Shaping Sequences, Is the Movement Straight or Circular, Synonyms & Antonyms, And 3 It Will Be, Timing Relationships, Strengthening Math Facts, Forward & Backward, Combining Groups of 2 & 3, Categories of Nouns.

Glossary; Alphabetical Index; Musical Selections. 

CD contents (with corresponding activities):
Apat-Apat (Plate Dancing, What Else Do You See)
Bannielou Lambaol (Adding Arms to the Dance, Is the Movement Straight or Circular, Timing Relationships)
Bechatzar Harabbi (Is the Pattern Even or Uneven, Same & Different, Flipping Sticks)
Bekendorfer Quadrille (Same & Different, Combining Sequences, What Beat Shall We Use)
Cherkessiya (Statue Clones, Who Matches Me)
Ducec (Pushing Up, Is the Movement Straight orCircular)
Echo (Echo, Echo Sequence)
Gaelic Waltz (Creativity with Scarves, Trains)
Hole in the Wall (Understanding Spatial Concepts, Creative Paper Plates)
Hora Chadera (Musical Houses, Is It Microbeat or Macrobeat, What Beat Shall We Use)
Hot Pretzels (Musical Houses, Echo Canon)
Jessie Polka (Is the Pattern Even or Uneven, Aerobic Integration, Grand March)
Korobushka (Who's Driving, Trains, Timing Relationships)
La Raspa (Attributes of Shapes, Stop & Balance)
Likrat Shabat (Conducting & Walking)
Mexican Mixer (Musical Houses, Plate Aerobics, Hand-Jives)
Oh How Lovely (Echo Canon)
Peat Fire Flame (Attributes of Shapes, Statues That Change)
Popcorn (Beat-Keeping with Mallets, Robots)
The Sally Gardens (Mirroring)
Sauerlander Quadrille (Different Shape - Different Movement, Integrated Sequences)
7 Jumps (7 Jumps)
Tsamikos (Mirroring, Conducting & Walking, And 3 It Will Be)
Yankee Doodle (Is the Pattern Even or Uneven, Is It Macrobeat or Microbeat, Adding Arms to the Dance)
Zigeunerpolka (Traveling Pathways Without Objects, Plate Aerobics, Hand-Jives)


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