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Aaron Copland, The Music of an Uncommon Man
Lessons and Activities based on the Works of Aaron Copland
By Patrick Bolek, Norma Freeman, Linda Rann

Teacher Book and Enhanced CD

64 pages


Aaron Copland, The Music of an Uncommon Man serves as a general music resource for young people of all ages. Part I contains lessons and activities for some of Aaron Copland’s more popular works, including Fanfare for the Common Man, and his ballets Billy the Kid, Appalachian Spring and Rodeo. The material is presented through reading activities, listening maps and singing.

Part II presents and in-depth study of Copland’s ballet Rodeo, specifically “Hoe-Down,” based on the Artful Learning transformative learning system developed by Leonard Bernstein. Working in learning centers, students engage in cross-curricular activities that are incorporated into the music lessons such as Language Arts, Reading, History, Fine Arts and more.


Components available include a Teacher Book/Enhanced CD, Student Book 5-Pak (part# 844150) and the Bernstein Century Copland CD (part# 853267) featuring Leonard Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic. The Enhanced CD that is included in the Teacher Book contains supporting materials, audio folksong recordings and student handouts for duplication. A Classroom Kit is also available (part# 844149) with 1 Teacher Book/Enhanced CD, 20 Student Books and the Bernstein Century Copland CD.


Teacher Book Contents
Part I – The Music of Aaron Copland
Fanfare for the Common Man

“Celebration” from Billy the Kid

Songs from Billy the Kid

Meet Aaron Copland

Variations on “Simple Gifts” from Appalachian Spring

Cowboy Dance painting

“Hoe-Down” from Rodeo

Songs of the Saddle

Meet Leonard Bernstein


Part II – Working Together

Artful Learning Unit of Study: Working Together

Introduction & Overview
     Activities Summary

Experience:  Partners, Partners

        The Masterwork

Inquire:  Inquiry Center 1: Take a Bow
               Inquiry Center 2: Songs of the Saddle (melody, lyrics, chord symbols)

Inquiry Center 3: Once Upon a Painting

Inquiry Center 4: Westward, Ho!


Create:                 Original Creation: Opening Night Showcase


Reflect: Reflection Connection – Inquiry Centers & Working Together

                Final Reflection


Part III – Student Activity Pages (also available on enclosed Enhanced CD)


Enhanced CD Track Listing
Audio Files (each with vocals and then accompaniment only)

Songs from Billy the Kid Medley

Simple Gifts

Hop Up, My Ladies

If He’d Be a Buckaroo


PDF Files

Brass/Percussion Flashcards

Aaron Copland Timeline

“Hop Up, My Ladies” What Do You Hear?

“If He’d Be a Buckaroo” What Do Your Hear?

Meet Leonard Bernstein Discovery Cards

Inquiry Center Procedures/Unit of Study Overview

Experience: Partners, Partners

Experience: See, Hear, Feel

Experience: Telling the Story

Experience: The Story of Rodeo

Inquiry Center 1: Take a Bow – Student Instructions

IC 1: Take a Bow – Meet Aaron Copland, the Composer

IC 1: Take a Bow – Meet Agnes de Mille, the Choreographer

IC 1: Take a Bow – Behind the Scenes Fun Fact Sheet

IC 2: Songs of the Saddle – Student Instructions

IC 3: Once Upon a Painting – Student Instructions

IC 4: Westward, Ho! – Student Instructions

IC 4: Westward, Ho! – Map of the Louisiana Purchase

IC 4: Westward, Ho! – Meet the Explorers

IC 4: Westward, Ho! – Discovery Cards

IC 4: Westward, Ho! – Map of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Opening Night Showcase – Program

Reflection Connection, Part I – Inquiry Centers Summary

Reflection Connection, Part II – Working Together Summary

Final Reflection – Deepening Questions


Bernstein Century Copland CD
Appalachian Spring

Rodeo, Four Dance Episodes

Billy the Kid

Fanfare for the Common Man (Version of Symphony No. 3, Fourth Movement)


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