Across the Board


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Across the Board

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

By Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas


Grades K – 5


Five interactive units for the music classroom pulled from volume 7 of the magazine Activate! Music, Movement & More.  Each unit includes a clear objective and many also include printable resources to further the learning experience. Developed in Adobe Flash Player, the lessons may be used with all interactive whiteboards or use a mouse to navigate the files projected on a traditional screen.


American Veterans – Teach about Veteran’s Day. Review common rhythmic figures used in an original compositions that you can tech to your students to honor our veterans.


Musical Postcards from the Middle East – Students can explore the music of, instruments from, and facts about 7 countries in the Middle East.


Jingle Bells/Sleigh Ride – Teach students some facts about “Jingle Bells” and then explore harmony through partner songs.


Find the Rhythm in the Rhyme – choose between simple or compound meters and then allow students to place the beat in popular Mother Goose rhymes. Extend the learning experience to include rhythmic figures which students can drag and drop over the rhymes.


Tonic Triad Workout – Use this interactive warm-up with developing choirs.  Student will sing a series of 5-note warm-up patterns based on the pitches of the tonic triad.


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