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Advocate for Music!
A Guide to User-Friendly Strategies
By Lynn M Brinckmeyer
Paperback book

In Advocate for Music!: A Guide to User-Friendly Strategies, Lynn M. Brinckmeyer, respected educator and past president for the National Association for Music Education, provides a manual for music teachers motivated to advocate but lacking the experience, resources, or time to acquire the skills to do so effectively. It also provides models of letters, webinars, research findings, printed documents, websites, and contact information useful for communicating with local, state, and national decision makers.

This invaluable resource for music advocacy focuses on six key questions:

  • What is advocacy?
  • Why focus on it?
  • Who should do it?
  • How does one do it?
  • Where should we advocate?
  • When should we advocate?

This guidebook is a valuable resource not just for upcoming and current music educators, but also for parents, community members, administrators, and all those involved with arts or education associations.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - What is Music Advocacy?
Chapter 2 - Why We Need to Advocate for Music
Chapter 3 - Who Can Help and Where Can We Advocate for Music?
Chapter 4 - How Do We Advocate for Music?
Chapter 5 - When Should We Advocate for Music?
Appendix A - Advocacy Flyer, Parents
Appendix B - Advocacy Inserts for Programs
Appendix C - Archived Webinars to Assist with Advocacy
Appendix D - Letter to Your Principal
Appendix E - Advocacy Concert Speech
Appendix F - Grab and Go Advocacy: Flyer for Crisis Management
Appendix G - Advocacy Flyer, Elementary School Principals
Appendix H - Advocacy Flyer, Secondary School Principals
Appendix I - Advocacy Flyer, School Boards
Appendix J - Archived Webinars and Web Links
Appendix K - Form Letter to the School Board or to Collect Signatures for an Alliance Coalition
Appendix L - Letter to the Business Community
Appendix M - Advocacy Checklist
Appendix N - Quotes to Support Music Education
Appendix O - Archived Webinars and Web Links
Appendix P - The Non-Educator Performer in the Music Classroom (Position Statement)
Appendix Q - Letter to Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education
Appendix R - Broad Minded: Think Beyond the Bubbles
Appendix S - Archived Webinars and Web Links
Appendix T - Music Education Policy Roundtable Advocacy
Appendix U - Vision 2020 Housewright Declaration
Appendix V - International Society for Music Education (ISME)
Appendix W- International Society for Music Education (ISME)
Appendix X - International Society for Music Education (ISME)
Appendix Y - Websites for Active Advocacy
Appendix Z - Websites for NAfME Federated State Associations
Appendix AA - Thoughts on Charter Schools
Appendix BB - Membership of the NAfME Music Education
Appendix CC - United States Military Music Ensembles



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