American Drum PK/CF4 Adaptive Adaptive Mallet Cuff and Mallet Pack, Set of 4

Brand: American Drum

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The PK4 therapy mallet set by American Drum has been developed for musical participation without limitations. These mallets have been designed by music therapists for adults and children. Mallets come without grips, making them perfect for use with American Drum's newly re-designed CF4 Universal mallet cuff, designed to fit most children and adults. This unique cuff is made from natural gum rubber which provides a comfortable, non-slip feeling when properly fastened on the hand or on the wrist.

The PK/CF4 Adaptive Pack Includes:
1 CF4 Universal mallet cuff
1 medium hard rubber mallet with 1-1/4" eliptical head for xylophones
1 medium hard yarn mallet for xylophones or metallophones
1 soft bouncy, ribbed yellow rubber mallet with 1-3/8" head for barred instruments or hand drums
1 hard wood mallet with 3/4" head for glockenspiels


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