Aquila 15U Tenor Ukulele Strings, Low G

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Until the mid 20th Century, most of the plucked instrument strings were made with gut, a material that combines excellent promptness of attack and interesting performances, very different, in other worlds, than those of the common Nylon strings. 

A fundamental aim of Aquila's research has been to develop a new product having the same performances of gut without its typical defects such as high cost, short lifetime, and tuning instability under moisture changes. The new Nylgut(R) has all of these qualities, allowing musicians to rediscover the original performances guaranteeing a tuning stability even better than the best Nylon strings. 

Nylgut strings are quickly becoming the choice of ukulele players worldwide and we have received many positive comments. Some have said that their instruments have been transformed by Nylgut strings. Nylgut strings for ukuleles are highly polished to a smooth surface.

The Aquila AQ-TLG is designed for Tenor Ukuleles and players who want that lower G sound.

Includes the following strings:

  • Low G
  • C
  • E
  • A


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