Black Swamp RF4 Replacement Felt Kits for CF4 Timpani Mallets

Brand: Black Swamp

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The Black Swamp RF4 Replacement Felt Kits for CF4 Timpani Mallets is used to recover your Black Swamp Carbon Fiber Timpani mallets. 

Cartwheel soft core (white) Timpani Mallets, Specially selected 100% European wool felts are used to create sticks with superb balance, a clear tone, and exceptional projection. Choice bamboo shafts offer superior response compared to conventional wood shafts by virtually eliminating stick to hand vibrations. Precisely-lathed maple handles are end-weighted for solid fundamental without excessive overall weight. Each pair is hand made, and digitally weighed and matched to ensure a perfect feel. Black Swamp bamboo is guaranteed for one year against splitting due to weather. Abuse, tampering, and neglect excluded. Produces maximum fundamental, soft articulation, very smooth rolls. Recover kit for both the 4 & 5.



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