Body Jammin'


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Body Jammin'
A Rhythm Facilitator's Guide to Portable Percussion
By Dave Holland
Book and DVD
Upper elementary and up

This book is designed to bring more interaction, connection and joy to any group rhythm-making activity.

In the Let's Explore section you will explore and practice the individual body percussion sounds. Holland uses a rhythmic notation for notating rhythms. Melodies are notated on the staff. For multi-timral parts, he uses western notation with each body percussion sound assigned a line or space on the staff with its own note style.

In the Let's Jam section there are several performance pieces with accompanying songs for ensemble play.

The activities in the Let's Play section are designed to infuse creative play, experiential learning and fun into the rhythm-making experience. At the end of each of these Let's Play activities, individual, group and musical outcomes are listed.

The DVD shows demonstrations of all of the techniques, ensembles and activities in the book. 

Pieces - individual body jammin' sounds
Parts - 2 or more "pieces" linked together forming a natural sequence
Packages - 2 or more parts (the same or different part) linked together creating a short rhythmic phrase

Safari Rock
Hand Clap Band
You Get a Line, I'll Get a Rhythm
Hambone Boogie
Gotta Sing, Gotta Shout!
Mi Bi Le
Wo, Oh Ni Ne No
Body Beledi
To Brazil, Here We Go!
What a Saturday Night

I Wanna Jam
Meet Up
Take a Little Walk
Body Jammin' Pokey
Rhythm Volley
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Partner Find
Sum Body Jammin'
Rhythm to Go
'Round in Rhythm


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