Body Music Part Three


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Body Music: Part Three
with Keith Terry
100 minutes

Body Music: Part Three introduces more advanced technique exercises, an in-depth look at crosspulses 3 over 2 and 6 over 4, and polyrhythms based on those crosspulses. With Nuria Bowart, Bryan Dyer and Evie Ladin.

Includes footage of Keith Terry's ensemble Corposonic in performance.

What is Body Music? Before people were hollowing logs and slapping rocks, they were using their bodies to stomp, clap, sing, snap and grunt their musical ideas. There are many traditional Body Musics in the world, from African-American Hambone and Flamenco Palmas to Sumatran Saman and Ethiopian Armpit music. Keith Terry has developed a contemporary style of Body Music based on his training as a Jazz drummer, as well as his years of intensive study and collaboration with world rhythmic systems.


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