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The Book of Canons (Revised Edition)
By John Feierabend
Book, 189 pages

This revised edition of The Book of Cannons has expanded the collection from 71 to 155 rounds and canons from the folksong tradition as well as international and classical. Melody only.  


A - H: 1,3,5,8; A Boat, A Boat; A Ram Sam Sam; Above the Plain; Ah Poor Bird; All Praise To Thee (Tallis); All Things Shall Perish; Alleluia; Antonio Salieri Scherzo Canon; Auf ihr Budeer (Get Up and Sing); Ave Maria; Beau Printemps (Beautiful Spring); Bell Doth Toll, The; Benji Met a Bear; Black Socks; Bona Nox (Good Night); Bubbling and Splashing; Buon Giorno Mio Caro (Good Morning My Dear); By the Waters of Babylon; C Scale Canon; Caldara Canon #1; Caldara Canon #2; Cantate Domino (Sing to the Lord); Ceciderunt in Profundum (Fallen into the Depths); Chairs to Mend; Cherubini Canon #1; Cherubini Canon #2; Christmas is Coming; Come and Dance, Come and Sing; Come Follow; Come to the Top of the Path; Crab Canon; Da Pacem Domine (Give Peace Lord); Das Hexen (The Witches Magic Square); Das licht is Mir Erloschen (The Light has Faded); Death is a Long, Long Sleep; Derry Ding Dong Dason; Die Blumen (Flowers); Do, Re, Mi; Dona Nobis Pacem; Duchess for Tea; Early As I Was Walking; Ehre sei Gott in der Hohe (Glory to God in the Highest); Erwacht Ihr Schalferin (Now Every Sleepr Waken); Es Tonen Die Lieder (A Shepherd Sings the Song); Every White Will Have its Black; Farewell Dear; Feierabend (Work is Finished); Fester Sinn; Fi, Nay Prithee, John; Flow'rs Are Dying; For Health and Strength; For thy Gracious Blessing; Frere Jacques (Brother John); Freunde, Lasset uns Beim Zechen (Friends, Forget the Cares That Bore Us); Gaudeamus (Let Us Rejoice Today); Geht, Hinin Alle Welt (Go Out Into the World); Go to Joan Glover; Gone to Bed Is the Seting Sun; Good Night to You All; Grasshoppers Three; Hark! Roars the Bellows; Haschet (Catch the Joy); Hashivenu (Turn Us to You, O God); Hava Nashira (Let Us Sing a Song of Praise);  Have You Seen the Ghost of John; Haydn Crab Canon; Here Lies Jack Chill; Here's a Health to All Them that We Love; Hey Ho Nobody Home; Hunter, The; Hyda, Hyda (Knoledge is Your Friend)

I - R:  I Love the Mountains; If You Trust; Jagdgesang (Hunting Song); Jinkin the Jester; Jubilate Deo, Kaffee (Coffee); Kyrie, Kyrie, Eleison (Lord, Have Mercy); Lachend, Lachend (Laughing, Singing); Let Us Endeavor; Let Us Sing Together; Like As a Father; Little Bell at Westminster, The; Little Bird Sits in a Holly Tree; Little Tom Tinker; Lo Yisa Goy (He Lifted a Nation); Make New Friends; Marjorie; Martin, Lieber Herre (Martin, Dear Sir); Masters in This Hall; Merrily, Merrily Greet the Morn; Milha Bilou Loubi Shembel (My Sweetest Darling); Mino Canon; Morning Is Come, My Dame Has a Lame Tame Crane; Nachtigallen Kanon (Nightingale Canon); Neemt Mlj in de Hand (Give to Me Your Hand); Nict Langer ist Winter (It's No Longer Winter); Non Nobi Domine (Not to Us, Lord); Now All the Woods Are Waking; Now Comes the Hour for Peaceful Rest; Now I Walk in Beauty; Now We Are Met; Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu (Let Us Sing and Be Happy); O, How Lovely Is the Evening; O, Wollte doch der Mensch (Oh, If Only Man); Oh, Music, Sweet Music; Old Abram Brown; On the River Flows; One Bottle Of Pop; One Duck On A Pond; Our Door is Always Open; Pauper Sum Ego (I am So Poor); Praise and Thanksgiving; Rise Up, O Flame; Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose; Round and Round; Row, Row, Row, Your Boat

S - Z: Sanctus (Holy); Schubert Canon; Scotland's Burning; Shalom Chaverim (Goodbye, Friends); Sing Me Another; Sing With Thy Mouth; Sing, Sing Together; Spider to the Fly, The; Stuttering Man, The; Sumer Is Icumen In; Three Blind Mice; Toembai (A Nonsense Song); Two Layers; Under the Stone; Verbum Domini (The Word of the Lord); Vine and Fig Tree; Viva la Musica; We Merry Minstrels; We're On the Upward Trail; Welcom, Welcome Every Guest; When I Go Home; When Jesus Wept; When V and I Together Meet; Where Is John; White Coral Bells; White Sand and Gray Sand; Why Shouldn't My Goose; Willie, Willie, Will; Willst, du Immer Weiter Schweifen (Happiness is Always There);l Willkommen, Lieber Schoner Mai (We Welcome Lovely Month of May); Young Rider


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