Book of Songs and Rhymes with Beat Motions


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The Book of Songs and Rhymes with Beat Motions
First Steps in Music Series
By John Feierabend 
138 pages

A collection of traditional songs, rhymes and games that encourage moving with the beat. The book includes beat games where the song or rhyme follows the child's preferred beat tempo, games where everyone stays in one place and the beat is felt in hand movements and activities where the beat is put in the feet as everyone travels around the room. Each song shows the melody line and at least one verse of lyrics (a few songs without lyrics are also included), as well as movement instructions. Chants also give the words with movement instructions. Songs or chants in foreign languages do not give a pronunciation guide; sometimes a brief translation is given. A few activities are to be done to a recording- suggestions for appropriate recordings are given.

For children of all ages.


Follow the Child's Beat: Ambos a Dos (Spanish), Dame Get Up, Hey Betty Martin, Did You Ever See a Lassie, Do Do Pity My Case, Down in the Valley, Haul Away Joe, My Mother Sent Me Unto You, Puncinella, Rock Candy, Santa Maloney, The Farmer, The Monkey Stomps His Feet.

Follow the Child's Beat Using Instruments: Fiddlers Playing, Hickory Dickory Dock (chant), Engine Engine (chant), When I Was a Shoemaker, William He Had 7 Sons, Frog in the Meadow, Listen Listen, Cobbler Cobbler, There's a Cobbler (chant).

Stationary Beat: Aiken Drum, Aserrin (Spanish), Bling Blang, Epo I Tai Tai E (Hawaiian), I Can Hammer, Johnny Had One Friend, Johnny Works with One Hammer, Kye Kye Kule (Ghanaian), Mother Goonie Bird, My Aunt Came Back, My Ship Sailed from China, One Finger One Thumb, Riding in a Buggy, San Sereni (Spanish), The Horse Stood Around, The 3 Bears (part 1 chanted, part 2 sung), Tortillitas (Spanish), Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar (chant), 'Twas on a Monday Morning, Head and Shoulders Baby (chant), My Name is Joe (chant), Wash the Dishes (chant), We're Gonna Go on a Bear Hunt (chant), Zodio.

Stationary Circles: Circle 'Round the Zero, Draw Me a Bucket of Water, Dr. Knickerbocker I, Dr. Knickerbocker II, Here Comes Missis Macaroni, Little Johnny Brown, Old Obidiah, Pizza Pizza, Ali Baba (chant), Buzz (chant), Jigama Jigama (chant),The Minister's Cat (chant), Neighbor Neighbor (chant), Who's the Leader, Nievie Nievie (chant), Tweedle Tweedle (chant), Way Down Yonder, Wee Melody Man, Wishy Washy.

Passing Objects (stationary circle): Stick Stick (chant), Cup, Stick and Stone Passing, The Wonder Ball (chant), This Is a Pencil (chant), Al Citron (Spanish), I Give You a Cat (chant), I Pass the Shoe, Obwisana (Ghanaian), Where Oh Where.

Passing the Beat (stationary circle): Checkerberry (chant), Down on the Banks of the Hanky Panky (chant), Take It, A Quackadilioso (Spanish).

Beats in Groups of 2 & 3: Introduction (suggestions of different beat motions), Moving with a Prop, All the Birds (chant), All Fools' Day (chant), Betty Botter (chant), Cinderella (chant), Dr. Fell (chant), Ducky Duddles (chant), Hearts (chant), Jerry Hall (chant), A Kite (chant), Little Guinea Pig (chant), A Man of Words (chant), Money Spent (chant), Peter Pumpkin Eater (chant), St. Dunstan (chant), St. Paul's Steeple (chant), A Parrot (chant), Shoe Our Pony (chant), Una Vieja (Spanish- chant), Wise Old Owl (chant), I Dropped My Dolly, King William, Minka, Old Aunt Kate, Baroque and Blue (listen to a recording, not included), Moses Supposes (chant), Old Mother Goose (chant), Sing at the Table (chant), Bryan O'Lin (chant), Terence McDiddler (chant), A Well (chant), Blow the Wind, Cockles and Mussels, Oh Dear, Schumann Lullaby Op.124 #6 (no lyrics- the notation includes treble and bass clef, so that this piece can be played on a piano or keyboard), Washer Woman.

Traveling (not in a circle): Allee Allee O, All 'Round the Brickyard, Go 'Round the Mountain, Hi-Di-Ho, How Do You Do-ti, I Love the Mountains, Paige's Train, Snail Snail, Rig-a-Jig Jig, The Thread Follows the Needle, Turn Cinnamon Turn, Wind Up the Apple Tree, Left Left (chant), Left Left (another chant), Off to Timbuktu (chant), Polly Perkin (chant), UnSquare Dancing.

Traveling Circle Games: All Around the Kitchen, Dance and Sing Around the Ring, Coffee Grows on White Oak Trees, Green Gravel, Ida Red, Jolly Is the Miller, O How Lovely Is the Evening, Little Speck O' Lady, O Sister Phoebe, Riding Here to Get Married, Sallie Go 'Round, Somebody Waiting, Tideo, Tulilule, Walk All Around, Walk Along John.

Simple Dances: 4 in a Boat, Great Big House, Pop Goes the Weasel, 7 Jumps (melody line only- no lyrics), 3 Jolly Fisherman, Weevily Wheat.


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