Choir Builders for Growing Voices 2


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Choir Builders for Growing Voices 2
24 MORE Vocal Exercises for Warm-up & Workout
By Rollo Dilworth
GR. 4-8

This second volume of the popular Choir Builders for Growing Voices series offers 24 MORE warm-ups
and workouts for teaching proper vocal technique to young voices. These fun and original exercises will
continue to get your students’ growing voices on the right track to producing a quality sound.

Strengthen phrasing and breath control, use dynamic expression, enhance independent and harmonic singing,
perform accurate articulations, head voice “sighs,” swing eighths and syncopation patterns, proper diction
and rhythm accuracy, and much more with these wonderful exercises for young voices. Sing along with
the demonstration tracks on the enclosed CD for quick learning, or use the accompaniment-only tracks for
ear training and assessment options. Get ready for more of a workout to a better sounding choir!

All exercises are written for two treble vocal parts with solfege names under the notes’ lyrics. Movable Do is used. Piano accompaniments are  included for all exercises and optional Orff instrument and percussion parts are provided for twelve.

Warm-ups include:

    Autumn Breeze
    Celebrate Peace!
    Chimes In Three Quarter Time
    Hide And Seek
    Hurry Up!
    Jazzin' It Up!
    Let's Rock And Roll
    A Little Latin Scattin'
    Music In The Air
    Nature Sings
    Off The Beaten Path
    A Patriot's March
    A Seasonal Blues
    Shine Your Light
    Shining Stars
    A Solfege Show
    A Star In The Night
    Time For Celebration!
    Together As One
    Walkin' In Blues Country
    Watching The Sky
    Winter Mix
    A Winter's Dream


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