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Chop Monster Jr.
Jazz Language Tutor for General Music Instruction
By Margaret Fitzgerald, Kimberly McCord and Shelly Berg
Book and CD
160 pages

This jazz handbook for elementary general music teachers comes with 2 CD's and 14 reproducible worksheets. No prior jazz experience is necessary for teachers or students. Students will listen to great jazz recordings; identify and discuss what they've heard; imitate characteristic jazz melodies through recorded call-and-response activities; assimilate swing rhythm and articulation in a variety of fun jazz circle games; perform with body percussion and unpitched percussion instruments (optionally adding Orff instruments or Boomwhackers); demonstrate what they've learned through performance pieces; improvise 1-note, 2-note, and 3-note jazz phrases in a supportive group atmosphere; and link to literature history and other cultures through a variety of lesson extension activities and listening maps.

The book is grouped into 3 units (Rhythm of Jazz, Heart of Jazz, and Soul of Jazz), with 3 parts per unit that teach specific skills for learning how to play jazz. Each part is organized into activity categories: Jam Session (for practice), Concert Time (for performance) and Sitting In (learning about great jazz masters through suggested learning links to history and literature). The "Sitting In" activities reference resources not included with Chop-Monster Jr., such as audio and video recordings and children's literature. The included CD's have recordings for each lesson activity and the 8 performance pieces.

For grades 3 to 6. 

Suggested percussion instruments (substitute as needed): 1 ride (suspended) cymbal with drumstick; 1 soprano glock; 1 or 2 alto glocks (with F# bars); 1 or 2 alto xylophones; 1 bass xylophone (or set of bass Boomwhackers); 1 set of 8 diatonic Boomwhackers; 1 set of Octavator caps for Boomwhackers; 1 low-pitched drum with soft mallet; 1 pair of rhythm sticks plus other unpitched instruments; 1 Orff mallet to use as a pretend microphone. (Some arrangements have optional piano accompaniments.)


Part 1- Grooving in Jazz:
Steady Beat, Jazz Swing Feel, Jam Session (Steady Feet, Swinging Feet, That's Jazz, Jazzy Hands, Jazzy Band), Concert Time (Jazzy Ride), Sitting In (New Orleans Brass Bands, Drum set in Jazz).

Part 2- Responding in Jazz:
Internalize Jazz Swing Feel, Call-&-Response, Jam Session (Chop-Monster Groove, Jazz Name Game, Louis Armstrong That's Jazz Call-and-Response), Concert Time (Jazz-Ma-Tazz [ABA form]), Sitting In(Louis Armstrong).

Part 3- Swinging in Jazz:
Swing Eighth Notes, Triplet Subdivision, Jam Session (Doodle-Dah Round, Kneedle-Dah, Recess Yes, Jazz-Ma-Tazz Section C [Singers-Jazz, Players-Jazz], Jazz Ma-Tazz [ABACADA form]), Concert Time (Jazz Train), Sitting In (Duke Ellington).


Part 1- Communicating in Jazz:
Call-&-Response, Improvisation, Jam Session (Jazzy Conversations [Aunt Nora Comes to Visit], Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), Concert Time (Poppity-Pop Panic, Mystery Word Game), Sitting In (Mary Lou Williams).

Part 2- Scatting in Jazz:
Scat Singing on One Pitch, Jam Session (Scat Singing [I'm Scattin'], Scat & Groove on One Pitch, More Scat & Groove, Scat & Answer on One Pitch, Self-Assessing & Peer Assessing[worksheet], Thinking About Improvisation [worksheet]), Concert Time (Swing That Note), Sitting In (Ella Fitzgerald).

Part 3- Improvising in Jazz:
Scat Singing on 2 Pitches, Jam Session (Jazzy Sax Plays 2 Pitches, Scat & Groove on 2 Pitches, Scat & Move on 2 Pitches, Scat & Answer on 2 Pitches), Concert Time (Impro-Wise, Improvising on Impro-Wise, Got Chops [worksheet]), Sitting In (Count Basie).


Part 1- Cooking in Jazz:
Creating a Rhythm Section, Independent Music Makers, Jam Session (Listen to the Rhythm Section, Sticky Situation Rhythm Section, Transferring to Instruments), Concert Time (Sticky Situation [Scatch-mo Station room set up], Cookin' with the Rhythm Section [worksheet], Jammin'/ Arrangement of Sticky Situation, Comparing Class Recording with Jazz Group on CD [worksheet]), Sitting In (Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker).

Part 2-Jamming in Jazz:
Scat Singing on 3 Pitches, Jam Session (Hip Scat & Groove on 3 Pitches, Hip Scat & Move on 3 Pitches, Improvising on 3 Pitches, Scattin' with the Rhythm Section), Concert Time (Feelin' Mighty Hip, Jammin' on Feelin' Mighty Hip, Comparing 2 Versions of Feelin' Mighty Hip [worksheet]), Sitting In (Miles Davis).

Part 3- Freedom in Jazz:
Major & Minor Chords, Jam Session (Jazzy Chords, Movin' to Jazzy Chords, Scat Singing to the Changes, Making the Changes[movement]), Concert Time (Dogs & Cats (Dogs & Cats room set up), Improvising to Dogs & Cats), Sitting In (Benny Goodman).

Appendix; Reproducible Worksheets/ Listening Maps (Musical Instruments in Jazz, Drums & Jazz, Jazz Masters (photos), Map of Africa, Rockin' Chair Listening Map, Take the "A" Train Listening Map, Thinking About Improvisation Worksheet, How High the Moon Listening Map, Got Chops Worksheet, Cookin' with the Rhythm Section Worksheet, Jammin' on Sticky Situation Worksheet, Compare Class Recording Sticky Situation Worksheet, Salt Peanuts Listening Map, Rubrick: How Did I Do); Glossary& Basic Index of Musical Terms and Symbols; About the Authors; Acknowledgements.

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