Classroom Music Games and Activities


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Classroom Music Games and Activities
By Julie Eisenhauer
Reproducible Workbook
Grade K-6

This collection willl help you teach music basics whether you have a music degree or no formal music training.  Students will identify musical notation and terms, recognize instruments, and more!  Reinforce lessons from other subjects, such as language arts and critical thinking, with cross-curricular elements. As students grasp the basics, you can move on to activities that are more difficult or adapt the activities to include new material.

The activities in this book can get your students up and moving or provide them with fun ways to work at their desks. Mix and match whole-class, group, and individual activities to create entertaining lesson plans, and watch your students have a blast learning music basics!

Whole-Class Activities (17)
Small Group Activities  (17)
Individual Activities 
Music Scramble
All in One Little Box
It's Instrumental
Fishing for Families
Sally Saxophone Wants a Snare Drum
A Career in Music
Straighten It Out!
Who's Who?
Rake the Leaves
Musical Maze
Take a Hike
The Hidden Path
Spell and Search
Notespeller Crossword
Building Dynamics
Picture This
Color by Symbol
Music Sudoku
I Spy a Sign (and More)
Composer Connect the Dots
La Mer
Carnival of the Animals
A Very Verdi Day
Can You Handel It?
Crack the Code
Musician Portrait Gallery
Musician Mix
Album of the Year
Music Throughout the Ages
Answer Key


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