Cloyd Duff CD5 Soft Legato Bamboo Shaft Timpani Mallets

Brand: Cloyd Duff

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The Cloyd Duff CD5 Soft Legato Bamboo Shaft Timpani Mallets feature a cork core and a European style ball mallet for softer notes and rolls. This is a specialty mallet with diverse uses and is an excellent roll stick.

Model CD5

Shaft: Bamboo

Core: Felt

Tone Color: Dark, mellow, smooth and round sound; Usage: European-style ball stick for soft notes and rolls. Specialty stick with diverse uses. Excellent roll stick. Sold in pairs.

The Cloyd Duff timpani mallets are an authentic reproduction of the original timpani mallets used by Cloyd Duff for over 50 years. Shafts are either hand-selected American Hickory or high grade joint less Bamboo. All felt mallets are made of custom German felt which eliminates bunched felt and contact noise. All mallets are hand-matched for exceptionally balanced weight.

The late Cloyd Duff, former timpanist of the Cleveland Orchestra, was recognized worldwide as an outstanding performer and as an expert on all subjects pertaining to timpani.


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