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Color By Music
By D. Brian Weese
Reproducible Workbook
Grades K-6

This collection of reproducible worksheets will keep students engaged as the images come alive on the page.  A wide range of music concepts are covered, including rhythms, music symbols, note spelling, recorder fingerings, and solfege, and the pages vary in difficulty from easy to more difficult. Teachers and substitutes will value this versatile resource. 

Coloring Pages and Musical Concepts
Halloween 1 - Rhythm Patterns
Halloween 2 - Solfège (mi, sol, la)
Spring 1 - Rhythm Patterns
Spring 2 - Rhythm Values
Rainbow 1 - Rhythm Patterns
Rainbow 2 - Rhythm Values
Easter 1 - Music Symbols
Easter 2 - Recorder Fingerings (D, E, G, A, B, C', D')
Earth Day 1 - Rhythm Note Names
Earth Day 2 - Solfège (do, re, mi, sol, la)
Elephant 1 - Treble Clef PItches
Elephant 2 - Recorder Fingerings (D, E, G, A, B, C')
Ice Cream1 -Treble Clef Pitches
Ice Cream 2 - Treble Clef Pitches with Ledger Lines
Rocket 1 - Dynamics
Rocket 2 - Treble Clef Pitches with Ledger LInes
Instruments 1 - 4 - Music Symbols


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