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Composing Under Construction
Exploring the Elements of Music Composition
By D. Brian Weese
Reproducible book
32 pages
Grades 3 - 6

Step-by-step workbook guides students through writing notes, analyzing music, and composing their own pieces. It begins with simple notation practice and by the end students will compose 6-measure melodies using a variety of notes and pitches. Activites can be easily modified  according to students' abilities. Instructions are Intended for the recorder, but songs can be played on almost any pitched instrument.

Recorder Fingering Chart
Beat Box Draft Page
Notation Practice
More Notation Practice
Composition #1
Melodic Repetition #1
Melodic Repetition #2
Composition #2
Melodic Direction #1
Melodic Direction #2
Composition #3
Musical Cadence #1
Musical Cadence #2
Composition #4
Home Base Note #1
Home Base Note #2
Composition #5
Time Signatures #1
Time Signatures #2
Composition #6
Composing Glossary


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