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Conversational Solfege DVD
By John Feierabend
2 DVD set
Approx. 6 hours run time

On this 2-DVD set, John M. Feierabend presents 6 hours of lively instruction on the history, philosophy, and pedagogy of the Conversational Solfege music curriculum.

Disc 1 begins with back-ground information on little-known historical precedents of melody and rhythm methods, that served as some of the foundations for the Conversational Solfege Curriculum. Also on Disc 1, Dr. Feierabend outlines the 12-step program for developing listening, singing, reading, writing, improvisation, and composition skills—and explains how he developed the curriculum based on rhythm and solfege characteristics found in folk songs of the United Sates.

Disc 2 features Dr. Feierabend's energetic and witty presentation style as he demonstrates the many fun and effective techniques for teaching all 12 steps in each of the 13 units contained in Conversational Solfege, Level 1 and Level 2. He draws many of these innovative teaching techniques from the four companion books to Conversational Solfege. The Book of Canons, The Book of Song Tales, The Book of Song Dances, and The Book of Playground Songs & Rhymes serve as wonderful resources that expand and enhance the lesson plans found in Conversational Solfege.

This DVD set is the perfect way to explore the Conversational Solfege series, to learn what makes it so effective, and to gather great teaching ideas and strategies.



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