Cooperman #10G 'General 'Nick Petrella Granadillo Drum Sticks

Brand: Cooperman

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The Cooperman #10G 'General' Nick Petrella Granadillo Snare Drum Sticks a length of 16 3/8”. The #10 sticks were designed to improve the sound production and feel of a general-style stick. 

The length and rounded head provide a sound and feel similar to standard general models, but like the #5, has a unique taper that allows for easier roll production.  It's perfect for those looking for a professional model persimmon general stick.

Turned of the finest native woods at the Vermont shop, these sticks are individually hand finished and precision matched in pairs, first by weight and then by pitch, and decorated with traditional line designs.


Model: #10G, Nick Petrella

Wood: Granadillo

Taper: Normal

Length: 16 3/8"

Diameter at Grip: 21/32"

Sold in Pairs


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