Cooperman DSW47 Nicholas Ormrod Persimmon Drum Sticks

Brand: Cooperman

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The Cooperman DSW47 Nicholas Ormrod Persimmon Drum Sticks are turned of the finest persimmon wood at their Vermont shop, these sticks are individually hand finished and precision matched in pairs, first by weight and then by pitch, and decorated with traditional line designs.

Cooperman concert and snare model drumsticks are made primarily of persimmon wood, an American domestic hardwood with close, straight grain, and great strength, weight and shock resistance. Persimmon wood has a wide range of color, from creamy white to dark blonde, with or without dark streaks.

This model has  "limited runs", and are not always in stock at Cooperman, so please inquire about availability.


Model: #47, Nicholas Ormrod

Wood: Persimmon

Taper: Normal

Length: 16 1/2"

Diameter at Grip: 5/8"


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