Copyright Handbook for Music Educators and Directors


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Copyright Handbook for Music Educators and Directors

A Practical, Easy-to-Read Guide

By Pam Phillips and Andrew Surmani

72 pages


The Copyright Handbook for Music Educators and Directors is designed to provide an overview of the key aspects of copyright law that most affect music educators in the US and to provide answers to the most common questions raised by music educators. A great starting point for copyright information, this handbook is very user friendly and easy to read.


Chapter 1: Introduction  
Chapter 2: General Information -- What Is the Purpose of Copyright Law?  
Chapter 3: How to Determine if a Work Is Protected by Copyright  
Chapter 4: Print Music and Lyrics, in Printed or Digital Form  
Chapter 5: Audio  
Chapter 6: Video  
Chapter 7: Digital Products and the Internet  
Chapter 8: Performance Rights  
Chapter 9: Composing and Arranging  
Glossary of Terms  
Additional Resources  
End Notes


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