Crooked River Choral Project Vol. 5: Erie Canal


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Crooked River Choral Project Vol. 5: Erie Canal Song
Arranger: Cyndee Giebler
CD-Rom, CD
2-part treble

The Crooked River Choral Project is a collection of artful choral music composed specifically with music teaching and learning in mind. The selections are beautiful pieces of music that promote multicultural awareness and community. They are rooted in solid pedagogical thinking providing teachers with teaching opportunities through quality literature.

Each title includes a music CD and CD-Rom with reproducible score sheets.

Cyndee Giebler’s new arrangement of the perennial favorite, “The Erie Canal Song,” is loads of developmentally appropriate fun!   Right from the start we’re given the directive to “Swing it”, and swing it you will with lots syncopated rhythms throughout.   Following a unison first verse, your students will be singing antiphonally until they break into two-part singing for the final chorus that presents just the right amount of challenge for young choirs.  The introduction and the coda provide a perfect opportunity to move from sustained unison to a sustained third.   If your students aren’t up for harmony just yet, this lively arrangement works well in unison.  With Kodály-based literacy lessons by Georgia Newlin, DMA, and vocal pedagogy lessons by Rachel Pollard, this CD and CD-ROM gives you everything you need to not only put on a great performance, but also pack the preparation process with lots of musical learning.


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