Cultivating Creative Musicians


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Cultivating Creative Musicians
By Dr. Leigh Ann Garner

Cultivating Creative Musicians is designed for new and experienced Kodály-inspired music teachers. The first publication by Dr. Leigh Ann Garner, it includes 15 songs with corresponding activities appropriate for preparing and practicing musical concepts and elements. All materials are designed to be easily integrated in daily lessons. In addition, electronic visuals are provided for each song, compatible for SMART, Promethean or PDF technologies. The convenient CD-ROM format of Cultivating Creative Musicians allows teachers to access materials electronically.

CD-ROM Contents
Brief Introduction to Kodály-Inspired Teaching Practices
A Kodály-Inspired Instructional Sequence Model
Recommended Scope and Sequence of Musical Concepts and Elements

Repertoire, Activities and Electronic Files
Big Bunch of Roses
     Electronic File: Big Bunch of Roses
     Electronic File: Unfinished Etude
Four in a Boat 
     Electronic File: Melodic Change-Up
Grandma Moses 
     Electronic File: Slap it! Sing it!
I Don't Care if the Rain Comes Down 
     Electronic File: Over the Rainbow
Ickle Ockle 
    Electronic File: Ickle Ockle
Laugh, Ha, Ha 
     Electronic File: Singing Cube & Oops! I Goofed!
Little Tommy Tittlemouse 
     Electronic File: Tittlemouse Houses
Love Somebody 
     Electronic File: My Heart Is Empty
Music Alone Shall Live 
     Electronic File: Poly Dot Map
Old Mother Goose 
     Electronic File: Solfa Fun!
Rabbit Run 
     Electronic File: Rhythm Filler
Seashell, Seashell 
     Electronic File: Melody Beach Ball
Shoheen Sho 
     Electronic File: Shoheen Sho
     Electronic File: Valentine


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