D'Addario Reserve MCR-X10 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece, Meduim Open Facing

Brand: D'Addario

Item: #452398
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Style: X10, 1.10mm, A=441

Precise intonation, a velvety sound that's able to cut through a large orchestra, a truly consistent tone at all volumes—you can finally have it all. Introducing Reserve: The world's first 100% precision-milled, vintage-inspired clarinet mouthpiece. Produced in cooperation with the world's preeminent clarinetists, craftsmen and engineers, the Reserve mouthpiece combines vintage design with special production techniques to provide the perfect balance of tone and feel—a uniquely inspiring experience, even for the musicians who helped create it. Made in the USA, Reserve mouthpieces are produced under the strictest standards to deliver unparalleled consistency.

Milled, Not Molded
Reserve mouthpieces are milled, not molded, from solid rubber rods. This is how mouthpieces were made back in the good old days—when vintage mouthpieces were just mouthpieces. Milling from solid rubber affords ultimate control over every aspect of mouthpiece design and ensures the greatest production consistency. Today, most mouthpieces are made from molded blanks, which can produce inconsistent results.

Reserve mouthpieces are available in close (1.00mm), medium (1.05mm) and medium open (1.10mm) facings


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