DEMO Studio 49 Series 2000 KB/KBX Rosewood Contrabass Resonator Bar, C#

Brand: Studio 49

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Demo Instrument Disclaimer

This instrument has been opened and typically used by an artist or group at a clinic or performance event (i.e. a State Educator show, or Industry Trade show booth. ) The instruments have not been previously owned, and with very few exceptions, are in original packaging. It may have scratches on the resonator boxes and minor blemishes on the bars. All bars are included.

Limited Quantities!!! -- Availability subject to quantity on hand at time of order

Studio 49 Rosewood Contrabass Resonator Bar - Pitch C#

The Studio 49 contrabass bars are carefully made to have an acoustically accurate tone chamber, which gives the instrument excellent intonation. Contrabass bars are in the register an octave below the bass xylophone, making them a great substitute for timpani. These instruments are excellent for classroom use and are durably made for years of music-making. Mallets are not included with these bass bars, but we recommend using a yarn contrabass bar mallet, like the Studio 49 S60. (item 254844)

Available notes: 1-12 (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb, B)



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