Deputy Dorkface: How Sugaropolis Got Dessert Back


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Deputy Dorkface: How Sugaropolis Got Dessert Back
By Kevin D. Janison
Illustrated by Eldon Doty
Hardcover Book
Age 4-8 years

This zany adventure takes on the food pyramid with a tasty tale of a town that just can't get enough sugar.

When Deputy Dorkace's own son declares he has no room for dinner, and then demands dessert, the official overreacts and outlaws cakes, candy, and all things sweet. The town's children refuse to accept their sugar-free fate and vow to defend their desserts to the sweet end.

Families facing off in their own dinner table battles will appreciate Deputy Dorkface's dilemma as he's forced to decide if dessert, too, can be part of a well-balanced meal.


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