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Directions to Literacy: Teaching the Older Beginner



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Directions to Literacy: Teaching the Older Beginner
By Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson
Teacher book and student reproducible pages
138 pages (teacher book) and 122 pages (student workbook)

A new teaching sequence for teaching upper elementary students beginning music materials in less time than it takes to teach the same materials to younger children.  The sequence includes beat, rhythm, ta, ti-ti, rest, tiri-tiri, ti-tiri, tiri-ti, and single eighth note rhythms.  It also includes 2/4 and 4/4 time signatures, and the melodic patterns of mi-re-do, low la-low sol, sol and la, and the do pentatonic scale.  Songs are age appropriate and appealing to the upper elementary student, but also have pedagogical value.

Teacher's Guide:  Spiral bound teacher's manual contains chapters that explain the new teaching sequence as presented in the student workbook.  Almost eighty songs are included in a Song Appendix. Songs may be reproduced for students. Precise suggestions are given for teaching each element through preparation (physical and/or aural and/or visual), presentation, and practice.
Glossary included.

Ah Poor Bird, All Join Hands, Amasee, Au Clair de la Lune, Blue, The Boatman, Boots of Shining Leather, Bought Me a Cat, Bow Belinda, Brother John, Car Song, Cedar Swamp, Chatter with the Angels, Chickalileelo, The Closet Key, Cock Robin, Cocky Robin, Cotton Eye Joe, The Cow Song, Cripple Creek, Cumberland Gap, Dance Josey, Daughter Will You Marry, Dinah, Do Do Pity My Case, Draw a Bucket of Water, The Drunken Sailor, Fed My Horse, Firefly, First Old Gent, Froggie Went A-Courtin', Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Going to Boston, Golden Ring, Grandma Grunts, Grass Game, Great Big House in New Oleans, The Gypsy Rover, Happy Is the Miller, Head and Shoulders, Hey Ho Nobody Home, Hill and Gully rider, Hogs in the Cornfield, Hot Cross Buns, Ida Red, Irish Trot, Jim Along Josie, Johnny Cuckoo, Johnson Boys, Kansas Boys, King's Land, Knock the Cymbals, Kookaburra, 'Liza Jane, Long Legged Sailor, My Landlord, Nana Thread Needle, Oh Susanna, Old Betty Larkin, Old Brass Wagon, Old Dan Tucker, Old MacDonald, Old Mister Rabbit, Old Texas, Over the River, Paw Paw Patch, Phoebe in Her Petticoat, Pizza, Pouquoi, Rabbit and the Possum, Rocky Mountain, Rosie Darling Rosie, Sailing on the Ocean, Sakura, Scotland's Burning, Sea Lion Woman, Shake Them 'Simmons Down, Skip to My Lou, Skipping Rope Song, Snake Baked a Hoecake, Step Back Baby, Sur le Pont d'Avignon, The Swapping Song, The Telephone Song, There Was a Man and He Was Mad, Tideo, Turn the Glasses Over, Walter Jumped a Fox, What'll I Do with the Baby-O, Where Shall I Be When the First Trumpet Sounds, Wildcat, Yangtze Boatmen's Chantey, The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn, Zudio, Zum Gali Gali.
Student Workbook: Packaged in single sheets in a envelope with permission to reproduce these pages for students.  Includes rhythm dictaton exercises, reading exercises, inner hearing pages, instrumental accompaniments, song matching, reading exercises with staff notation, writing notes on the staff, improvising with M R D, using ostinatos to accompany songs, meters, part work, first and second endings.                      

For older beginner (grades 4-6) 


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Directions to Literacy: Teaching the Older Beginner
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West Music Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Randi S: I took Kodaly level 1 this summer with Ann and wanted this book to fill in the gaps for my older students Aug 17, 2012
Eryn K: I recently completed Level I Kodaly certification and I wanted to implement the method in all grades. This book allows you to start in the older grades teaching earlier concepts while using repertoire suited for older students. Jul 19, 2012
Rachelle B: if you're a new teacher looking to implement a kodaly-style curriculum, this book is great for getting your 4-6 graders up to speed on the concepts. Jun 15, 2012
Michael D: I am teaching in a new school that has not used Kodaly before. These materials are a great review to help older students learn the concepts quickly. Jun 8, 2012

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