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Dojo Warm-Ups & Workouts
Progressive Tools for Young Players
By John Riggio and Paul Jennings
Teacher's Handbook and performance/accompaniment CD
18 pages

A collection of short progressive warm-ups and technique builders to improve the peformance of a song students are working on or to reinforce the concepts you are trying to teach. The 14 progressive warm-ups and workouts are designed to help you warm up for tunes in Recoder Karate or other methods. Each has an exciting contemporary recorded accompaniment.

Senor Bob's B & B - peppy Latin-infused student for practice playing B
Agent Mole - rock fusion tune for BAG and the jump from B to G
Snappy Snail - minor rock groove, BAG
Hop, Skip, Jump - BAG tune to practice legato versus staccato
A Day at the Beach - BAG tune that mixes jumps and step-wise movement
Orbital Sunrise - C and A
O Say Can You C - bluesy workout for C, A, and G with tracks that work for simple improvisation
Slow and Steady Wins the Race - foot stompin' rock tune that works with A, G, and low E
Mac and Cheese, Please - easy-going rock tune for practicing rests and eighth notes
Alligator Gumbo - New Orleans style piece
Twinkle Crinkle Rip Van Winkle - laid-back big band groove
Rip Van Crinkle Rides Again - each time the short tune repeats, the tempo is a bit faster
Swans in the Mist - gentle and flowing
Step It Up! - big and brassy step-wise workout


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