Dunnett Res-O-Tone BA-0010-00 10" Hazy Drumhead

Brand: Dunnett

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The Dunnett Res-O-Tone drum heads are made from a proprietary tympani film and are based on one of the most popular drum heads of all time - the Remo coated Ambassador.

Res-O-Tone offer the same tensioning and stick response properties as the Ambassador but without the coating.

Res-O-Tone provide a clean, open, un-muted tone that when combined with the properties of the tympanic film make for different, yet completely familiar playing experience. The lack of coating also means less "stick drag", allowing fast and free movement around the kit.

Res-O-Tone have an exceptional tensioning latitude, performing fully throughout the tuning range of your drum and provide a softer, "cushier" stick response. Even if you require a coated head on the batter side for brush work, a Res-O-Tone head on the resonant side will increase the tone and range of any drum.

• Exclusively made for Dunnett by Remo USA
• Uncoated tympani film
• Expanded tension latitude
• Unique semi-transparent finish
• Smart shipping using russian doll stacking and clear bags only
• Made in USA
• In Sizes 8"-26"
• 1 Ply (7.50 mil) thick


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